Be Informed And Earn: DEFT “Zero” Linux 2017.1 Lightweight is Now Available For Download

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

DEFT “Zero” Linux 2017.1 Lightweight is Now Available For Download

The makers of one of the top Linux Distro used for pen-testing and digital forensics, Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit (DEFT), has released a lightweight version of their OS.  It is called DEFT Linux 2017.1 Zero and is L-Ubuntu 14.04.02 LTS based. The operating system is so lightweight that it only needs lesser RAM of about 500mb to efficiently run. 

DEFT Zero Linux 2017.1 lightweight version

It offers 3 booting options which are designed to suit your different needs. DEFT “Zero” Linux 2017.1 ISO files and manual can be downloaded from their website. DEFT Zero is a free and open source operating system, and it is loaded with some of the best open source applications for computer forensics that will surely come in handy to both professionals and non-experts in gathering and preserving digital evidence.

Features of DEFT Zero Linux 2017.1
Other than being a lightweight Linux Distro, which practically means it can run smoothly on grandma's Windows 95 PC, DEFT come readily available in both 32 bit and 64 bit respectively. It also comes with 3 booting modes which are RAM preload GUI mode, GUI mode, and Text mode.

DEFT Zero Linux 2017.1 lightweight version

Download Links
If you are Interested in trying out DEFT Zero Linux 2017.1, here is the download link. And here are guidelines in pdf format.

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