Friday, February 3, 2017

February Data Review: Best Data Plans For Smartphones & PC Users in February

Let me officially welcome all of you guys to February which is the month of Love. Without wasting much time, let's quickly review the available data plans available in Nigeria. Be it a smartphone or PC user, there is definitely a data plan that will be convenient for you. 

Best and cheapest data subscription

Airtel:    As of this moment, only Airtel is the only ISP that currently and still offers support to Blackberry users. So if you still use a Blackberry phone, Airtel's Blackberry plan of 1k for 3GB is your best bet. Blackberry 10 users can as well use this plan on their devices. Simply recharge your line with 1k and dial *431#
Still, on Airtel, Android users can also use the Airtel Blackberry plan on the Android, the procedure on how to configure it is detailed here

Etisalat:    Unfortunately, Etisalat isn't doing so well right now regarding a cheap data plan. However, if for some reasons regarding your location, Etisalat is the best option for browsing the internet, you can always opt for patronizing third-party data resellers. You can get Etisalat 500mb as low as 400naira via cash, and 500niara via airtime. 

1Gb goes for 600naira via cash, and 700 via airtime
2Gb data sell at 1200naira via cash, and 1300 via airtime.  Secondly, If you become a regular buyer, you get to enjoy discounted prices very often.

MTN:    I have not gotten a definite confirmation concerning acclaimed fixed price that will be charged on share and sell. However, MTN is still the best option internet to a good number of smartphone users. On Christmas, MTN graced their customers with 100% data bonus on every data bundle they purchase. But now the holidays are over, and things have gone back to default. MTN 1.5Gb sells at 1k while 3.5Gb sells at 2k. However, you can get MTN data from third-party sellers at a cheaper rate of 800 naira for 1Gb and 1400 for 2Gb. Please note that payment via cash or bank transfer is cheaper, while payment with airtime adds 100 of 200 naira extra depending on the seller.

GLO:    I give it up for baba GLO, they are truly the best option for internet data subscription. They can also be very annoying because the network is very slow. I have come to observe that sluggishness of the network is at its peak between 11:50 am to 12:30 pm or above. But above all, Glo NG does not only happen to be the cheapest 4G data bundle providers, but their 3G data plans are also the cheapest when compared to their competitors. 
Best and cheapest data subscription

Glo 3.2Gb sells at 1k
7.5Gb sells at 2k
10Gb sells at 2.5k
12Gb sells at 3k etc. Just dial *777# to get started

All data plans come with a 30 days validity and can as well roll over any unused data.

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