Friday, February 10, 2017

5 Things You Should Do After Setting Up A Windows PC.

Windows is really a great operating system, despite the flaws and the vulnerabilities in its security, Windows still happens to be the number one operating system used by many computer users in the world today. Most people are just a default Windows user, all they do is to get a Windows PC and start using, being oblivious that several things supposed to be done after acquiring a new Windows PC so as to get the most out of it. 

If these things are not done, there is an excellent chance that the PC will start to malfunction as time goes by. These bugs normally start with some buttons of the keyboard not working, then gradually all the buttons eventually stops working. So in other to avoid all these, it is highly recommended that you follow this guide whenever you purchase a Windows PC, or you made a clean install of windows. Please note that this article was written based on Microsoft's  Anniversary Update Edition

1.    Remove Bloatware: One the things avid computer users dislike about Window is that it comes with a lot of bloatware. However, vendors may advise against the removal of these programs, but if you know what you're doing with your PC, I'd say you remove them completely. Navigate to Settings (Windows button + I) >>> System >>> Apps & features. If you don't want an app, click on it and then select the Uninstall button. Keep your PC clean and bloatware free, it increases speed and efficiency.

2.    Display File Extension: According to computing dictionary, the file extension is a string of characters that is attached to a filename, usually preceded by a full stop and indicating the format of the file. Image files come with either JPEG or PNG A Word.doc or a Word.docx? Windows 10 hides file name extension unless you ask it to show them. To do so, open File Explorer, (Window button + E), click on View from the top menu and then select the box option for File name extensions.

3.    Determine How Cortana Interacts With You:  One of the things I love about Windows 10 is the built-in personal assistance called Cortana. You can search anything anywhere on your Windows PC using it. No need for surfing the net and looking for the code to activate GodMode. However, Cortana can also be used to snoop on you. Through Cortana, Microsoft can collect or track your speech and typing history, etc. So if you're not OK with that, you can tell Cortana to give you some space. Just navigate to Settings (Windows Button + I)>>> Privacy. Navigate to the General tab and then toggle off Send Microsoft Info About How I Write to Help us Improve Typing and Writing in the future. Then, go to Speech, inking, & typing and click Stop getting to know me.

4.    Set A Power Plan:    One of the things that make using a laptop interesting is using a laptop with good battery life and performance. Your laptop doesn't need to run or operate at full power all the time. You can increase battery life just by picking the right settings under power-plans, you can choose the Power saver power plan. Or you can choose the High-performance plan when you're engaged in serious graphics work. To choose a particular power plan, click the battery icon in the system tray in the lower-right corner of the desktop and click Power & sleep settings. Next, click Additional power settings to select your desired power plan based on how you use your PC.

5.    Setup Your Display:   Congratulations on getting yourself a  laptop and I bet it comes with a sharp 1080p (or above) display. While your images will look incredibly crisp, text and icons may now be small and hard to read or click. Lowering the resolution won't help because the resulting image will look fuzzy. Windows 10, however, lets you scale the size of text, icons, and apps.

Just Right-click on the desktop then select Display settings. Adjust the slider to your liking for Change the size of text, apps, and other items. You'll need to log out and log back in or restart your laptop for the new settings to take effect. However, you'll need o make a full installation of your display drivers.

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