Be Informed And Earn: 5 Things Google Knows About You That You Probably Didn’t Know

Saturday, June 17, 2017

5 Things Google Knows About You That You Probably Didn’t Know

Most internet users today still think and limit Google to be just a search engine. Little do they know that Google is more than a tool used to search and get stuff online. Google search is just 1 branch out of a gigantic tree called Google. There are many internet services provided by Google that we make use of on a daily basis, surprisingly, most people have no idea that they are all Google services. In each of those services that you take advantage of, Google collects and store your data. In this article, we are going to review a few of them.

1.    How Many App You Installed And Use:    This is the most common Google activity that most people use and still many aren't aware of this. Before you created your Google account, you accepted Google's terms and conditions, meaning that as long as you continue using any of the Google service(s), they will continue to whatever they have to do in order to improve and protect their service, and that includes keeping track of how many apps you installed to your Android smartphone, dates you installed them, how often you use those apps and also when you uninstalled them.

2.    What You Bought or Sold Online:    Have you ever wondered how you'll stay in your country and order for an item in an online marketplace that is located in another country? Ever wondered how the item you ordered gets delivered to you? Google tracks whatever you bought or sold online. They keep track of your package by looking into your G-account. Don't get concerned already because Google collects all these information so as to deliver their service to you at it's best. To view what Google is tracking concerning your online market activity, open Google Search then type “My Packages.” You can easily opt-out of package tracking, just visit the Package Tracking section on Google Dashboard.

3.    The Details Of Your Phone:    Once you get any Android device and then sets up a Google account in the phone, Google will start to collect the details of that phone which were used to access your Google account, and then gives you a heads up that your Google account was just signed in from so so so device and location and with so so so IP address. So if you lost your Android phone, or you changed it, once you go to the section of Google dashboard that is dedicated to Android, you will see details of your all the device you have used before, like imei, name, and manufacturer of the phone, etc.

4.    Google Knows Your Password:    This might come as a surprise to you, but the fact is that Google knows your password and all the previous passwords you've ever used. They have details of how you use them, and as well as when you changed the password. If you are a Google Chrome User, Googles knows more than just your password, they know the sites and web pages you visit often and the ones you bookmarked. They know the number of browser extensions you're using in your Chrome browser.

5.    Google Knows What Mail You Sent or Received:    In Google dashboard exists the Gmail section which shows detailed information on the number of messages you sent and received in your Google mail.

Finally, it is important to know that all of this information about you are collected only when you make use of Google. All the information Google collects about you is used to improve their products and services. Don't just get it at the back of your mind that Google spies on you, therefore it isn't safe anymore.

Secondly, only you and you only has the authority to determine what Google ca know about you. Just log in to your Google Account Dashboard and then choose what you want to share with Google and what you don't want.

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