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Your iPhone Screen Might Be Broken, But Here Are 4 Ways To Manage It.

iPhone is one of the, if not the most secure smartphone in the market. Its counterpart, Android is however not the best option in terms of security, because, Android is open source. Meaning that anyone can make a few tweaks to the OS just as they wish. Manufacturers and OEMs can as well customize the OS to suit their taste and that of their customers. 

However, Google is working endlessly on their part to decrease vulnerability and improve security in Android. Tor phone, on the other hand, seem to be the best alternative for security in Android phone.

How to manage and replace broken iPhone screen
If you own an iPhone with a cracked screen, I am guessing you won't be smiling about it but the fact is that even with the economic recession and high cost of iPhone, most people still see it as the best choice of smartphone. Some will even go beyond and purchase 2 or more of these expensive gadgets. Sadly, cracked screen is one of the issues faced buy most smartphone users, and not just to the iPhone users. So if you own iPhone, you know how expensive it is and having a cracked screen isn't just enough reason for you to dump it. 

Even iPhone with a cracked screen can still come in handy and be useful on several occasions. But you just have to be smart and creative. Having the screen of your expensive iPhone cracked isn't the end, you can quickly get it fixed or replaced at your warranty center if your insurance didn't cover it. But if none of these two didn't work out because of one reason or the other, kindly read on to see what to do.

1.    Apply The DIY Solution:   DIY stands for doing it yourself Solution. Many people don't know about this, but you can actually learn how to fix your smartphones just by making a Google or YouTube search it. Though it might be risky, especially if you've not had the experience before, it can also save you a little cash, because, all you need to do is to get the damaged store and then with the right tools, do the fixing yourself.

Now the process will be frustrating especially if you don't know what and what not to do. It might take a couple of hours to complete, however, it gives tech savvy individuals the most satisfaction. But please, don't opt for this if you have any doubts, as you could cause even more damage, kindly go for number 2.

2.    Visit A Repair Shop:    This might be the best and comfortable option for some or most people, but don't be surprised that only the screen of an iPhone, (say iPhone 7) will be almost the same amount as the phone itself. However, it could be the only option you have if the DIY solution isn't for you. If the damage is not severe and your manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. You can search for Apple store in your area, or by searching the net for local repair stores in your area with good reviews or visit a local mall for a repair kiosk. iPhone screens are definitely costly and can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour or two. Out of experience, I can safely say that independent repair shops are actually cheaper compared to manufacturer’s stores, but the risks of them not fixing it and inflicting more damage to your phone are considered to be higher due to low standards.

3.    You Might Consider Selling The Phone:    As much as you love your precious iPhone,  your best option might be to sell it, especially if the crack is lethal or, maybe it's been broken and the screen gets banged up, and you have had the iPhone for a long time. However, rather than throw it away, or leaving it to be laying around, you can sell the damaged device to iPhone vendors and repairers to get a bit of money back. This is an easy thing to do at computer village or Tsaka Tinubu, VI. The phone technicians in those areas gladly buy broken devices, so they can use the spare parts. It is however important to bear in mind that damaged phones will only get you about 50 percent or less of what the device was originally worth.

4.    Just Ignore The Crack And Move On:   So, you own an iPhone and the screen just got cracked, either half broke or wholly broken …it is not the end of the world. First things first, quickly examine the phone’s basic functions such as; Checking if the screen sensors are still responding. Can you still type text with the iPhone? Is the screen still touch responsive? Can you still receive and make calls quickly? If yes, then just move on and make up your mind to push through. Or, You can always exchange the device for a new one with a little extra fee added, or you switch to Android and start enjoying data bundle bonus from MTN.

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