Monday, June 19, 2017

This Wrist Band Tracks The Level Of Alcohol In Your Body

Technology is one of the best things that has happened to mankind. It is positively affecting the lives in many possible ways. In health, where ADA health care App will be used to implement so as to track a person's body and symptoms. In Automobile where Andriod Auto and Panasonic's Infotainment system is currently making waves. This is actually a good invention, Proof (the name of the wristband) is brought to you by Milo Sensors. It basically fits around your wrist like any traditional wrist trackers on the market, but instead of tracking your motions with an accelerometer, Proof reads alcohol molecules through your skin.
Proof Alcohol Body Tracker
According to Mile Sensors, Proof is an enzyme-based electrochemical sensor which converts alcohol into an electrical current and is able to accurately display your blood alcohol content (BAC) level discreetly using its specially developed Android or iOS app. With Proof, you could discretely monitor your body's alcoholic level and know when to call it a night at the bar. Your friends at the bar may think that you're checking your phone, but instead, you're checking to see if you're sober enough to drive home.

Proof Alcohol Body Tracker is not only designed to track the level of alcohol in your body, it can also predict how drunk you'll be later in the night, It can also predict an exact time you'll be sober and can let alert you when you hit a specific BAC (Body Alcoholic Level) level. So if you're winding down at the bar and want to know when you're sober enough to drive, punch it into the app and it will send you a notification to your device telling you you're sober enough to drive. Proof also has friends feature that you can use and keep track of your loved ones that are out for the night and make sure they're drinking responsibly.

Proof Alcohol Body Tracker, how to check alcohol level in the body
This is people for who wants to hit the bottle regularly or once in a while without getting lost while at it. Proof can come in handy for people who wants to drink but don't wanna get drunk. 

Do you drink? Do you know or have a friend or relative who drinks regularly or every once in a while? What do you think of this device? What are your views and opinion

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