Saturday, June 17, 2017

These Are The 4 Most Battery Draining Apps In Android Smartphones

Android is really a piece of beauty to behold and use, but the users are always being faced with the problem of battery use. However, you could conserve your battery life and save extra battery juice if you limit the things you do with your Android smartphone. But truth be told, what is the essence of having a smartphone when you can't mak use of it as a smartphone? So in this article, I am going to share with you, the top four Android apps that drain battery juice the most. 

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So if you own a smartphone and would want to use any of these apps, you best have an extra source of juice for your phone. The most battery draining apps are many, but we'll mention the top 5. They are:
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1.    Facebook App:    Yea! Your lovely Facebook app takes not just a big percentage of your battery, but also your ram space which your phone uses to run most of its background features and required system apps and services.

2.    SnapChat:    I bet you've already heard about Snapchat. It is the popular mobile app that was launched a couple of 5, 6 years ago. SapChat allows you to send videos and pictures to people and it is truly a fun instant messaging app. It is also, the second in the list of most battery draining apps.

3.    NetFlix:    Are you surprised at the app number three? well, you shouldn't be. Netflix which is used to watch tons of TV shows and series is also a massive battery draining app. The tv shows you watch through Netflix are displayed on your phone's screen, and a phone's screen is one of the parts of a phone which drains your Android battery the most. 

So if you love and use Netflix on your device, and you wouldn't want to uninstall it, then I suggest you set your phone's display brightness to automatic. Also, set your phone's screen to the lowest when inside a dark room. Really, there is no need for you to set your phone's display at the maximum. The automatic brightness feature is you enabled earlier will be adjusting your phone's screen brightness according to the available light.

4.    BBC News App:    The big news is that our dearly BBC News app is a battery killer. Frankly, most fellow would want to be updated and informed daily with latest news and happenings around the globe, and truthfully, BBC is one of the top places to get it.

But you can't use because BBC app is a battery killer and stop visiting your number one source for authentic news, just put a BBC news website shortcut on your home screen, based on the category of news that interests you. Then you can go right ahead and uninstall the app. Browsing BBC through the website shortcut or bookmark place on your home screen essentially gives the same experience as browsing through its Android app.

So there it is!!, your top 4 most battery draining app. If there are other battery-draining apps you feel, think of know that aren't on the list, feel free to tell us via comments.

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  1. I don't even have any yet my battery drain faster I got rid of my facebook app ever since I noticed it buh that didn't solve the problem of battery drain in my phone am not happy.

    1. You did well to remove the Facebook app, it kills both battery and RAM.

      If your battery still drain fast, then try using your phone for at least 24 hours without internet..

      if the battery still drains fast, then the battery is bad already


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