Be Informed And Earn: Nintendo’s Switch Goes On Sale At $300 On March

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nintendo’s Switch Goes On Sale At $300 On March

Hello, gamers, I've always known Nintendo for one thing, and one thing alone, Games and Entertainment and the company has been doing that job very well for more than a decade now. There have been several gaming consoles by several technology companies like Sony, etc., but Nintendo Co has been working on their own end as well. Happily, its brand new Hybrid Gaming console which will feature an online gaming network is scheduled to go on sale at a price of $300 on March 3.

Nitendo Switch, Nitendo Switch price

This new feature is neither a breaking news for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Neither does it change the same fact that the sale price of $300 is something not to be smiling about, it even cast a cloud on the new gaming console, and this might affect the sales of the console when it finally hit the stores. However, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has listed the new device on its Canadian website, and the cash was really was above analysts’ estimates and slightly more than the rival gadgets.

Nintendo Co has recorded several success and failures, and they intend to continue on the Switch to end their years of pain at its console division, which released a successor to the popular Wii five years ago which didn't go so well as they'd hoped. The Wii U was not only was the worst-selling major home console in history, but Nintendo also put aside the smartphone market for years. The company’s foray into mobile gaming didn't go well as anticipated, with fans and investors alike being disappointed in last month’s debut of Super Mario Run on iPhones. All these added together, has fueled up concerns that the company is losing its ability to deliver hit entertainment products.

Nitendo Switch, Nitendo Switchprice

Nintendo states that the new hybrid Switch’s battery will provide three hours with regular gameplay which is fair if you ask me, but talking about the price, if it finally sells at $300, it would cost more than Sony's $260 PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's $240 Xbox One, retail pricing. Six years ago, Nintendo's 3DS handheld console didn't go so well because of the of the overpricing at $250. Sadly, they later slashed the price at a lower amount of $170 about five months later due to poor sales.

The new hybrid Switch is a tablet-sized device and can be conveniently used anywhere. It also connects to TVs and can be played with a wireless controller. It is truly a portable piece of gadget, it sports a screen, attachable joysticks, and battery. It is imperative not to be quick to forget that the new Nintendo's console, will have to go head-to-head with smartphones, which most people already own and use to enjoy most of their favourite games. It’s unclear if consumers will want to carry another bulky device when their smartphones already fill their exigent needs of gaming and entertainment in their spare moments with tons of games, apps and videos.

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