Sunday, January 1, 2017

Microsoft May Finally Kill Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Windows 10 truly is the easiest to use Operating system in the world today with over a billion active users today. The Windows 10 which was launched about two years, ago added more value to most PC by using it's recent and updated efficiency to optimize laptops and desktops. However, once of the downsides of this OS is the constant updates which continue to run in the background once the PC is connected to a data network, thereby causing the user to spend more on data connection. 

How to disable Windows 10 Auto updates

Despite several tutorials and articles on the web on how To disable the automatic update, the wuauserv which is the Windows Auto Update service still manages to find a way to run in the Windows 10. However, some of these tutorials did stop the Windows Auto-update service to stop running for a while but somehow activates by itself after a small period.

How to disable Windows 10 Auto updates, disable auto updates in windows

The recent reports indicate that Microsoft is ready to make amends to Windows 10 and add an option for users to pause automatic downloading of updates for a particular period entirely. This new development came to light when PC enthusiasts started digging into the new Windows 10 Insider build that is either is released or leaked.  They start to dig and explore the Windows operating system for new and hidden features. In the recent exploration of the windows OS, it was revealed that the giant tech company, Microsoft MIGHT RESOLVE one of the biggest headaches associated with Windows 10 operating system, which is the forced automatic Windows 10 downloads updates.

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