Monday, January 16, 2017

Maki Pro For FaceBook Fastest FaceBook App Ever

FceBook is a great social networking site with over 1 billion active users who uses to media to stay connected to things and people that matter to them. However, it is disappointing to many that Facebook, in all its glory didn't have a light weight app, except for Facebook Lite which also comes with several restrictions. So if you are looking for a lightweight Facebook app that can give you the same features like the Facebook app itself can give, then Maki Pro is your best option, since FaceBook by Kush has been disabled.

Mai Pro for facebook

As much as I love socializing and connecting with folks around the globe via FaceBook, the Android app itself is a ram and battery eater, so uninstalling the app saved me a lot of ram space and battery life. So I recommend Maki Pro for Facebook for anyone who wishes to browse FaceBook but don't want to do it via the native Android app. Maki Pro for FaceBook comes with many features, such as:

No Ads, so you can browse through Facebook without annoying ads popping up the whole screen.

==>>    Includes several layouts, both for Android and iOS

==>>    Comes with built in battery power and data server feature

==>>    Can be secured from prying eyes and intruders using either passcode or fingerprint

==>>    Bookmarking feature which lets you save interesting facebook posts and pages

==>>    Maki Pro for Facebook is small and smart. The Apk is less than 4mb and requires 13mb of storage space to install and run with incredible functionality.

Please note that this app isn't the official FaceBook app, but it is faster and weighs lesser than the traditional Facebook app. 

Download Maki Pro for FaceBook Here: Maki Pro For FaceBook

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  1. Please is there any facebook app for Blackberry, just like the facebook app Inn Android? Thanks

    1. For now I highly doubt if there is any facebook app for BB10, however, older versions of BB like BB curve, Bold, etc comes with in-built facebook app and can only be used with a BB subscription plan

  2. Woooow, I like this Maki Pro, Its preferable and so fast as. and do you know where i Enjoy it most is that, it doesn't consume more data like normal Facebook app. And also its just 3.54mb in size. Thank you so much Techvillz. am impressed by this app.

    1. You mostly welcomed... Try and share wih your friends on FB


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