Friday, January 20, 2017

Make Telecoms Pay A Fine of 5 Million if You're Still Getting Unsolicited Text Messages

It is very annoying when you will be expecting a major text message, and then an annoying text message from a shortcode like 5501, 3350, etc. comes into your phone. Now with all that excitement, you quickly open your message inbox to read that much-awauted text, only to see something like Did you know that you can make 1million naira just my making jokes?, text Laugh to 11234 to get top latest jokes. Now I'm not saying that jokes aren't good, they are, but the point is that these messages sometimes comes up to ten in a day from different irrelevant sources. 

Do Not Disturb By MTN, How to stop unsolicited text messages from mobile networks

Despite the implementation of Do-Not-Disturb, telcos still go ahead to send these annoying advert text messages to customers. So in other to make things more serious for them, and to give them an appropriate motivation,  NCC has begun the implementation of five million naira (5,000,000) fine over unsolicited SMS. 

According to NCC boss, “If a consumer lodges complaint to NCC, that an MNO (Mobile Network Operator) send unsolicited text messages and the complaint from the consumer get to us, we will ensure that credit deducted from the consumers for this unsolicited text messages is returned to the consumer and will also invoke provision of the fine on the MNO which is N5 million”.

So if you're still being disturbed with any of these advert messages from any of the local mobile phone network in the country, or your airtime is still being deducted. Make a proper complaint to them and if the issue isn't resolved, call this NCC toll free number: 0800-CALL-NCC (0800-2255-622).

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