Be Informed And Earn: Is Your GooglePlay Services Draining Your Android Battery? Here is How To Fix It.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Is Your GooglePlay Services Draining Your Android Battery? Here is How To Fix It.

Google Paly Services is onr of the core apps whivh is found in every Android Phone. It does alot of task like deliverveing emails to your mail apps (e.g., Gmail), maps and location settings to mapping apps, ads to ad-based apps, access to games and so many other functions. Truth be told, many apps can't run without Google paly services installrd or updated, as you must've seen a notification sometimes which says "This app cannot run untill you install the latest version of Google Play Services." 

How To Fix GooglePlay Services Draining My Android Battery

So if your phone suddenly started misbehaving, and the battery doesn't last again like it used to, your Google Play services Could be the reason. It is, however, paramount that you understand this: batteries do gradually deteriorate over time unless you’re spectacularly unlucky. A battery that was OK yesterday won’t suddenly discharge three times faster tomorrow. The fastest way to tell if Google Play Services is draining the life out of your device battery is to navigate into the Battery section of your Settings app.

Why Is Google Play Services Draining Your Battery Life & How to Fix it

There are some reasons Google Play Services might be using more battery power than you’d like, this cases of fast battery draining are seen in versions 4.1.32 and 4.2, on devices running on Cyanogenmod, Lollipop and on KitKat. Uninstalling the Google Play Services app will fix the battery draining issues, but you wouldn't wanna do that because many apps can't run with it, but there are some things you can check and still have the app on your phone while you save a good percent of your battery life

How To Fix GooglePlay Services Draining My Android Battery

1.    Google Play Services is eating battery because you have loads of accounts - Downloading and updating stuffs in background is one of the main tasks of Play Services. It could be your emails or the app’s ads, or notifications or checking your location to see if it needs to trigger a Google Now event. So if your device is connected to multiple Google Accounts, for instance, you have your personal and work email accounts on one device, then Google Play Services will have to sync through all those accounts for new items, thereby drainng more battery life.

2.    Sync Errors:    A sync error is when Google tried to synchronize your device with new data but was unable to do so. You do a quick troubleshoot to fix the sync errors by disabling Mobile Data in your phone for a minute, rebooting the device and then removing and re-adding the Google accounts back.

3.    GPS:    global positioning system  (a system by which signals are relayed from satellites to a unique device, which i return, is used to show the position of a person or thing on the surface of the earth very accurately). Some app in Android like Maps, Navigation, etc, need your location to function effectively. They requests your location through Google Play Services, which then gets the information by using your GPS hardware. So if you weren't aware, using GPS takes up a lot of battery, using it for a longer period takes even a larger amount of your battery power.

4.    Stop Using Task Killer Apps:    Most Andriod users are very consistent with downloading and installing battery saver/task killer apps on their phones. The funny thing about these apps is that they even make our phones to malfunction. These apps will stop core apps which back up again immediately starts, so you end up making your phone work even harder than before. If you want to save battery, go through your phone's native app manager and disable apps that you aren't in need of, or you block them from gaining internet access.

5.    Running a Security Software:    Security and encryption based apps take a lot of battery life because they need to be always on and running in the background. So try and disable your security apps and pretty much every other app that runs in background that you don't need and see what happens.

There are several other ways to save extra battery juice in your Android phone. So, have you encountered problems with Google Play Services eating battery? Have you been able to fix them? Let us know below.

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