Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Make Your Windows 10 PC Look Like Windows XP

Windows is a great desktop operating system, though some tech-savvy fellows and other individuals who would do anything to protect their privacy online wouldn't go for it, it still remains the number 1 operating system being used in over a billion PC around the world today. There are several versions of these Microsoft Windows, starting from when it is a single-user OS to now it is a multi-user OS with Windows XP Millennium and 2005 marking huge records in the history of the OS. 

How To Make Windows 10 PC Look Like Windows XP

It is, however, a sad news that some software program owners are beginning to withdraw their support for older versions of the Windows OS, and recently, Mozilla joined the crusade by announcing the termination of support for Windows XP. By now, I guess most PC users are now on Windows 10 Anniversary update which brought in some cool new features to the Windows OS in general. The Windows 10 is undoubtedly an amazing and powerful OS for PC, but with many flaws, especially with the option of steady updates which is quite uncomfortable for some college students with a limited amount of data bundle.

If you own a Windows PC that is running on any other version of windows beside Windows X, and you'd love to have a feel of what the Windows 10 PC looks like, simply download Windows 10 Transformation Pack and install it on your PC and let the software do the rest.
And if you own a Windows 10 PC but for reasons you miss what Windows XP looked like, simply download Classic Shell from and then set it up as you desire.

Besides from Classic Shell, another awesome Windows re-skinning tool available on the web is UxStyle and can be downloaded at It comes as a free trial version that lasts for 30 days, after which you’ll need to register it for $2.99.

These skin tools are both easy to use, and you can always revert back to the default window 10 views and appearances anytime you without any damage to your OS or loss of your files and documents.

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