Saturday, January 28, 2017

Google Instant App Lets You Use Any Android App Without Installing it

After Google Allo had made a wonderful entrance but a truly poor growth and performance, Google didn't stop at that, they still went on to show what makes them truly number 1, that being number two in anything they do is never on their bucket list. So sometime last year, Google Google announced its Androids Instant Apps in their I/O developer conference.

Google Instant Apps

Google recently disclosed that they will be running a limited test of the Instant Android App technology, and as of today, it is already available but only for a limited testing. Android App is a new technology from Google which can load a bitesize version of a particular app without an Android user having installed that app.

Google plans to expand the Instant app once it gets more feedback from users. In the trial and experimental stage of the instant app, BuzzFeed, Periscope, Viki, and Wish are among the handful of apps included in this early trial.

Instant Apps will come into play whenever Android users click on a link that is associated with a particular app they haven't already downloaded and installed on their smartphones, but it's not exactly clear how extensive this initial test will be, nor when exactly Google plans to widen the trial.

Google went on to allow Android developers into the Instant App System on the terms that they will have to update their software with Instant App functionality, then "modularize" it so a small segment can be downloaded and run on the fly. The SDK for such an update isn't available yet, but in this article here, Google points out some important steps developers can take already, starting with trimming their apps down and supporting URL-based navigation.

Google's Instant Android App Lets you use any app even if you have not installed that particular app into your phone. What is your opinion about this new technology from Google?

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