Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Is mmmunited back? Here Is What We Know So Far Concerning MMMUnited GHing And PHing

I think it is safe to say that the latest economic crises, meltdown, and recession in Nigeria have made the country a fertile land for a lot of Ponzi Schemes. However, some of these schemes are real and scam free, while some started out to be real, and a lot of individuals signed up and made donations and pledges, while some who started earlier got paid. Bust sadly, they all turned out to be a bunch of scammers. The likes of Lara-With-Me, Coinr and even the recent MAC-BTC. Unfortunately, many people being scammed has raised some eyebrows among many Nigerians. However, I am pleased to share my knowledge of what we know so far. MMMUnited is Back!!

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So if you are a participant, I urge you to read this article so as to know the latest, and not listen to any half-baked news that causes mass panic. I am going to share with you guys what was obtained from their official website, so if you're interested to know more, kindly log on to their site.

1. The GH Weekly limit is now going to be $500 for every account. This limit will enhance twice every week.
First Week - $500
Second Week - $1000
Third Week - $2000
Fourth Week - $4000 etc…

Example: Samantha has $3600 in her withdrawal wallet. She can only withdraw $500 the first week. Remaining $3100 will be safe in her wallet. After 7 days from the date of her first GH request, her GH limit will be enhanced. Now she can withdraw $1000, remaining $2100 will be safe in her wallet. After 7 days from her second GH request, her GH limit will enhance again. Now she can GH $2000 again and remain $100 will be safe in her wallet. 

2. New participants in the system are not involved in the weekly Get Help limit in the system. i.e. the accounts that are created after SYSTEM CONTINUANCE. They can request to GH after 7 days lock in period as usual.

3. Due to server update growth for the period, December 25, 2016, to December 31, 2016, is not calculated for all the accounts. Please do not create support tickets for this issue.

You can find more on their social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ and from their website as well. Good morning

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