Be Informed And Earn: Full List OF Items You Should Bring To Your NYSC Orientation Camp

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Full List OF Items You Should Bring To Your NYSC Orientation Camp

We know this post doesn't rhyme with our blog niche, but we at wants to use this medium to show some love and concerns to our various brothers and sisters who will be going to various orientation camps in different states for the next couple of days, to prepare themselves for their 1 year journey to an unknown land.

NYSC full list of required items

NYSC is one of the greatest and most challenging time in the life of every young college Nigerian student. It is also one of the best times of having gone through a university, you get the chance to meet another set of individuals from all works of life. It is indeed a time of challenges, but it is also a time of adventures and of course fun.

In the next coming hours, our brothers and sisters will be traveling to various camps in different states for their NYSC orientation, so if you are one, or you know someone, kindly help them review these list of items that are required to gain admittance into the camp.

If you are preparing for NYSC orientation, there are some crucial items which prospective corps members on no account, shouldn't forget to pack when going for the mandatory 3 weeks orientation at their NYSC camps. Although some of these items can also be gotten at camps, and some are not but it's more economical to get them before you get to camp because items sold at the Mami market are quite expensive.

You must not forget these NYSC Items:
1.     Documents (Green Card etc.) and Photocopies (10 each)
2.     Your Unlaminated Call-up letter
3.     Your Unlaminated Statement of Result/transcript
4.     Your Unlaminated First-degree certificates
5.     School ID card
6.     Your passport sized photographs

Note: These items are crucial. Failure to provide them items means you will not to be allowed into Camp and will not be registered for NYSC.

You will need several other Items in the camp, such as; Toiletries:
7.     Toothbrush & Toothpaste
8.     Bath Soap & Sponge
9.     Detergent & Bar Soap
10.    Toilet Paper
11.    Towel

Other items include:
12.    Sanitary Pads & Tampons (for the ladies)
13.    Shower Caps
14.    Bleach
15.    Disinfectants
16.    Buckets & Bailer
17.    Body Cream & Lotion (Items like buckets can be purchased at camp).

You will also be needing some clothing Items like:
18.    White T-shirts
19.    White Shorts
20.    Whites tennis shoes
21.    White socks
22.    Underwears
23.    Bed wraps
24.    Perfumes, body spray, and deodorants
25.    Rubber slippers/flip flops
26.    Combs and hair needs
27.   Makeup & accessories

you can as well come with these recommended items like:
28.    Torch lights
29.    Mosquito nets and mosquito repellents
30.    Food flasks, cups, drinking flasks & cutlery
31.    Cloth hangers
32.    Wrist watch
33.    Padlocks and keys
34.    Waist pouch
35.    Handkerchiefs/face towels/Kleenex
36.    Pegs/clips (First Aid Items will be given at camp).
Last on the list is your number 6 and of course MONEY,  Enough money. 

Goodluck and safe journey dear brothers and sisters. Be safe!!! Hopefully, in no distant time, free Wi-Fi internet access will be made available to all NYSC camps nationwide.

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