Wednesday, January 25, 2017

FTA Frequency For KS1, ESport, OPM TV & ICE TV on SRT Receiver

Cable Tv has been in Nigeria for quite some years now, but it is unfortunate that some folks stopped enjoying their's because of either lact of electricity or money to pay for the subscription. So I am going to share you some info and configuratoin settings you can apply yo your strong decoder and then enjoy some free channels for the mean time. Just make sure you follow the directions correctly. If yo don't how or what to to, kindly take this information to your cable TV technician, he'll know what to do with it.

FTA Frequency for New channels on Strong D60M Nigeria Africa

Four new channels can now be tracked and viewed using strong FTA receiver on the D60M package, below are the new channels;
KS1 - Sport Channel
ESport - Sport Channel
OPM TV - Religious Channels
ICE TV - Entertainment English Speaking Channel
Chief TV - Religious Channel

Satelite Position & Frequencies to Track New FTA Channels
Below the frequencies to get the KS1, ESport, OPM TV, ICE TV and Chief TV using a strong receiver.
ESport and KS1 are Sport Channels on Eutelsat 7B/7A (7° East). You can also watch LIVE soccer games on KS1.
KS1 - 10721/ H / 30000
ESport - 10846 / H / 30000

OPM TV & Chief TV are Religious channels on Eutelsat 7B/7A (7° East) & Astra 2F (28° East).
OPM TV -  10887 / H / 30000 (Eutelsat 7B/7A (7° East))
Chief TV - 11595 / V / 30000 (Astra 2F (28° East) )

ICE TV is an Entertainment Channel on Astra 2F (28° East)

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