Monday, January 9, 2017

Fix Your Slow Android Phone Here

With many Android device available now in the market both Low end, Mid-range and higher smartphones, which I am very convinced that many individuals were made owners of various Android powered smartphones. Some owns One or Two while some owns more than that. You can also agree with me that one of the things that makes the user experience of these beautiful smartphi annoying and less pleasant is when they begin to lag of hang or freeze frequently. When such things happen, a simple reboot can fix the issue temporally.

Today, I am going to share with us several simple and proven tricks on how we can put a permanent stop to this unpleasant experience. These steps can as well improve longevity of your device

==> Know your Device, Buy, original smartphones, Use High-Speed Memory Card: Yes, this is the very first step because, prevention they say is better than cure. Don't be stingy whenever you wanna buy a gadget you will use, plan for it, save for it, be patient and read reviews of several android smartphones. Learn about those devices and read comments of several users of those devices and learn from their experiences.
==> If you have already gotten your Android device without knowing any of these, don't worry, everything isn't spoiled yet. You can use this use this links here to check the genuity of your device whether iTel or Tecno.
==> Update your Android Device: Android devices can be upgraded to the latest firmware. Thanks to google and OEMs for the over the air update feature. Unfortunately, not all android devices can be upgraded over the air, but if wish to check if your device firmware can be upgraded to the latest version, simply go to Your Phone's Settings Menu, Scroll down to About Device, and Click on Update or Check for update, Once your device is connected to a data  network, your device will check for availability of updates. You can also set your device to frequently check for updates from here.

==> Don't Just Install any App & Remove Unwanted Apps: I know a fellow who is addicted to Android apps like Games, Launchers, Camera and Multimedia Apps. He installs them anyhow, any time, any day because he gets them free.  Come on buddy!! Who does that these days? Don't just install apps because you easily get them free of charge because some of these apps could harm your device. Some of these apps are full of malicious codes which can harm your device. Some can even come into your device and make themselves boss and CEO over you and your precious Android smartphone. Personally, I don't use any app that runs in background except if that app is extremely important to me. Use less ram space consuming launchers if you ,must add more beauty to your device. Facebook is a great social media site, but I don't like and use their mobile app because, it consumes both my precious ram space and battery juice Don’t install apps you hardly use.

==> Use Latest Versions of Apps: Developers who love and mean business with their always provides updates of their app according the experiences and complaints laid by their customers and users their apps. They do so in order to keep their customers engaged in using their apps. Always endeavor to update your apps once the updates are made available either on Google Playstore or on the developers website. Most apps do notify the user fro an update once the update is available. The advantage of using updated app is that they come with solutions and bug fixes that users experienced in the previous version of that particular app.

==> Keep Zero or Fewer Widgets and Avoid Live Wallpapers: Though widgets provides a fast and easy access to our most frequently used apps. They can also decrease quick responsiveness of our device and as well drain battery life. Also, use static images for your home-screen wallpaper and avoid using moving/dynamic live wallpapers, because they're always working even when your phone is idle, thereby, using more  battery power and Ram space.

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