Friday, January 27, 2017

Canonical Launches Ubuntu Tutorials, Here is How To Get All The Contents

There are several Linux distro out there on the web, but Ubuntu is really one of the best. I can't honestly say it's the best because there are other things Kali could do that Ubuntu can't fathom. But in all, Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distros that can both be pretty much useful to both newbie and die-hard Linux users, and the best part of Ubuntu is that its tutorials can easily be found online without a sophisticated Google search.

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Now, as the clock ticks towards the day Ubuntu releases its much-anticipated version 17 in April, Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu has launched a website: Ubuntu Tutorials. The website is an educational website designed with the sole purpose of serving the developer and coder community. 

Ubuntu Tutorials hosts a vast collection of different tutorials and walkthroughs which are supposed to make your work with Ubuntu easier. Not only that, Canonical has done a snap of all tutorials to help you carry them around and work offline mode.

To get started, Simply visit The Ubuntu Tutorials Website. But hey, here is another great news, something even better! You can also work with the tutorials offline by taking all your tutorials with you. Canonical has used snap technology to build a tutorial snap. To grab it, you will need any snap supported system like Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or higher, all you need to do is to run: $ snap install snap-codelabs
then open your Internet web browser and enter http://localhost:8123/ to enjoy the tutorials.

Ubuntu Tutorials is aimed mainly to serve the needs of Linux users who are very much familiar with the Linux ecosystem. Beginners and self-learners who are new to the system may find the tutorials website unuseful. 

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Ubuntu Tutorials is based on Google’s open source Codelab framework. To make your use of the website more splendid, Canonical has also listed four pivotal points of each tutorial:

1.    A clear and detailed summary

2.    The difficulty level

3.    Estimated completion time

4.    A “where to go from there” suggestion

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