Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Are You In Rivers State? Here Is Where To Pick Your Own ntel Sim

This is quite a thing to remember and be happy about. The long awaited ntel sims are finally here in PH City. Everyone in porthacourt will now enjoy ntel's 4G LTE band fast internet connectivity, as long as they have a 4G enabled smartphone.

Without long stories, below are places where you can get your own ntel 4G sims card.
1.    Idems Ultimate ltd, 278 Aba Rd, opp shell Residential Area, Rumukurushi.

2.    Houston Tech ltd, 8 liberty Drive, Alcon Rd, Woji

However, if you which to enguire more information, please call 08044440152 or 08044440153. Feel free to review the list of available ntel data plans, to know the one that suits you most.

ntel's 4G band network works flaslessly in any 4G enabled phone, Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi device.

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