Be Informed And Earn: 5 Most Used Gadgets In 21st Century

Saturday, January 28, 2017

5 Most Used Gadgets In 21st Century

The trends and evolution of technology in our time is really amazing. Over the years, technology been what it used to be, there are now several fresh and awesome gadgets which are used every day, every minute all over the world where technology existed but was going to mention only but 5 of them. 

5 Most Used Gadgets In 21st Century

You can as well go ahead and say your own list of gadget which you feel are the most used devices in our world today.

1.    ATM CARD/ATM MACHINE: These two has been in use for more than a decade now. They are used in banks to mostly withdraw cash. They can also be used to send money (with a few extra charges attached). I am sure that most people hate long queue at the banks, so the Automated Teller Machine is used to fasten the banking activities especially for the customers who are doing small-scale transactions. You can perform a wide range of banking activities and transactions like making cash deposits,  account balance check at any time, Phone airtime top-up recharge, etc.

2.    DESKTOP/LAPTOP: This is the number 2 in our list of the most frequently/all time used gadget. Without computers, office functions and pretty much most other functions will be impeded or slowed down which will result in low output. The computer is a huge and vital equipment which are used in our world today, most organizations can hardly work without computers - same with individuals. This is because computers perform unlimited functions which can’t be done manually and in a compressed period of time.

3.    MUSIC PLAYER: The number 3 in our list is the music player. Whether you use your own personal music player or do listen to music straight from your computer, mobile phone, iPod etc, you’d probably miss your digital music if it suddenly disappeared. An added benefit is that music players promote harmony at the workplace. Employees can listen to their preferred tunes without annoying their workmates. Individuals can go about their daily business listening to their favourite tunes and tracks while the world goes by swift and smoothly.  Have you ever wondered what the world will be like without music or music players?

4.    MOBILE PHONE: Before the advent of telephone or any other means of electronic/wireless means of communication, the early man used several means to send and receive messages. They wrote letters by hand and waited days, weeks and sometimes months for their messages to get delivered. Thanks to the invention of the telephone, and eventually the mobile phone and now smartphones. News, reports, pretty much everything can be shared can be shared instantly and at ease just from anywhere and at any time. Most people can barely live without their phones. Now, Chatsim has really made some indivduals to spend most hours out of their 24hrsna day in Social Media

5.    SMOKE DETECTORS: This list can't be completed without mentioning the life-saving smoke detectors, It has proven over and over again to be a life-saving gadget, and some people would literally not be alive now without smoke detectors. It can be found/used in many homes and offices. This is another essential device you can hardly do without. However, some people are oblivious about smoke detectors and would say that it is of no use. Believe, your thinking and understanding towards smoke detectors will change any day your life live would be saved because the smoke detector in a building you went off, and you took pace before the fire started. 

There are several other electronic gadgets out there, but depnding on individuals and variety of needs,this list may differ from the one you have in mind, but feel free to tell us your different most used gadgets.

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