Tuesday, December 20, 2016

You Can Now Sell Your Used SmartPhones For Cash @ SLotNG

Slot NG is an online marketplace in Nigeria that wants you to understand that your used items, especially your smartphones still has a value. Many times we tend to devalue several used items in our various homes or in offices maybe because they developed one minor problem or another, or we just got tired of it and wants a new one. So we go right ahead and disregard those items and leave them to get spoiled more and more. Well, you can give out those items to less privileges, people whom you think that they can't afford it. Put a smile on someone's face this Christmas,  or you can as well, sell those item for cash on Facebook MarketPlace. However, if you are in Nigeria and you have a used smartphone, you can sell your used smartphone for cash at Slot NG, instead of allowing them to wallow around and get more spoiled.

How to sell my used smartphones or trade them for a new one

Slot NG is one of the online market stores in Nigeria, and recently they added Buy Back Service, to their already existing Trade-in-service. The Buy Back service allows you to sell that your old, used smartphone for and get paid in cash in any of the slot outlets nationwide.While the already existing Trade-in-Service allows you to upgrade your old smartphone to a new and the latest trending mobile phone.

How to sell my used smartphones or trade them for a new one

if you have an old and used smartphone that you'd like to sell, just take the phone(s) and walk into any SLOT store, hand in your old phone, they will examine it to know its scrap value. Then pay the price difference and walk out with either a cash, or a brand new phone of any brands of your choice.

No Raffle draws, No hidden charges, No special connections, just an open, free and fair exchanging of goods and services. You can get any of these services in any SlotNG outlets nationwide. 

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