Friday, December 2, 2016

Unbelievable, Allo is Now Buried In Google PlayStore With Low Rank

User's maximum satisfaction is one of the very first things that should be taking into consideration when introducing something new when starting up a business or any venture at all. Where technology and app development is applied, it is imperative that the developers or inventors of any app. Whether it is going to free or monetize, should devise a way to be giving their users and customers fresh and new reasons to be wanting more, providing concrete strategies that will steadily engage both old and new customers into making a daily or at least a regular or often use of their product.

Google allo
Several months ago, Google released a version of its very own video calling app called Google Duo, and the app was loved and cherished by many Android users globally. Then, in just one month of launch, Google made a groundbreaking recording of hitting 10million downloads which is a milestone of record when compared to other social media and instant messaging app that has been in existence ab initio. Barely 7 - 14 days of making this incredible record with Duo, Google released a beta version of its instant messaging app called Google Allo. Not up to a week or two the app was released, Google Allo made over 1million downloads in Play Store and was later upgraded from a beta version to version 2.0 with support for Nougat 7.0 devices and the update brought some new cool features, with extra additions to the already existing ones.

Personally, I taught that Google was joking when they released a beta version of Allo, I thought they were either funny or way over their heads, because, I expected something more from them with Allo, but I was personally disappointed. For a technology giant company with virtually unlimited resources like Google, I expected more, and I expected a monster app. Although many people disagreed with me, they displayed so much faith and trust in Google with Allo, but I knew deep down that it was just a matter of time before the hype will just go down. I firmly believed that Allo got the amount of recognition and reputation it had because it is own by Google which is undoubtedly the number site in the world today, take away Google in the name (Google Allo), and you'll see that the app wouldn't be loved by many.

An app that made over and more than a million downloads in the first week after launch in Google Play Store is now ranked at 200 and hasn't moved to a higher spot in over 60 days now. Apparently, the app isn't growing anymore, as no new downloads have been on record over the past weeks.

Allo is a great app, but there isn't much difference when compared to other instant messaging apps that have been in existence before it came. Google need to set up some strategies that serve as an incentive which will draw Android users to use the app.

What is your own opinion on Google Allo? Are still using the app? Have you ever downloaded and used the app for once?

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