Thursday, December 8, 2016

Telcoms Operators In Nigeria May Go Ahead With The Dec 1 Data Price Increase

On November 2016, the Nigerian Communications Communications sent out a directive to all mobile telecommunication operators in Nigeria, demanding that they all should raise the price of their data bundle plans and services starting from 1st December 2016. We all thought that the price hike will be a successful one and in other to show our minds and opinions against the directive, went on to and signed a petition demanding that the data price shouldn't be increased. Then on December 1, 2016, the Senate nullified the directive issued by the NCC, stating that all involved parties must be consulted before making any increase.

Having a smartphone without data is like living in a palace or mansion without electricity. I have already into awe as to what or how things will feel or look like when the price of data is eventually increased. How will it affect several Nigerians negatively? Some people use several online means as their number one means of livelihood, how will this data hike will affect these individuals? These and many similar questions are already running through my head, and the only solution is not to go ahead with the data price increase.

Internet data price increase
However, Mr. Adebayo Shittu, the communications minister, has called on Nigerians to give their support to the investors in the telecommunications sector. Stating that these service providers rely on electricity to keep their services up and running 24/7, and because Nigeria has failed to generate the required amount of electrical energy, the service providers are forced to source for alternate means of providing adequate amount electricity required to keep their services. Mr. Shittu went further to describe this a harsh condition which is not seen in other top countries which we seek to emulate from. You can read more of this story from Guardian NG
Do you think the inability of Nigeria to produce the required amount of electricity is enough reason to increase the price of data plans?

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