Sunday, December 11, 2016

SyntaxDB, A Perfect Search Engine For Coders

Search engine is one of the things every computer user uses on daily basis when online doing one thing or the other, that is why ranks the number 1 site in the world today, because it is the frequently used search engine used by many users to search for variety of things that matter and interests them. 
syntaxdb programming syntax search
But in the case of programmers, (especially the newbies) using Google to find several lines or syntax can be quite challenging as it may not fully give you what you were looking for, rather it'll give you something similar to your search term. That is why Anthony Nguyen, a software developer studying at Queen’s University, created SyntaxDB to make things easier for programmers who are looking for codes. Don't get me wrong, using Google or even Stack Overflow doesn't make you a better programmer, but it doesn't make you a better or best programmer either. It only serves as another source or stream of knowledge.

Now, I am no programmer, but I've explored SyntaxDB, and it is quite easy to use. Just visit the website's homepage and enter a language or a concept you wish to search, and the site starts displaying relevant suggestions as you type, and as soon as you hit the enter button, a search result page related to your query will be shown, plain and simple. Once you click on a concept, it will display a small definition plus syntax together with some related notes and examples. For more assistance, links for official documentation are shown in the right sidebar.

In times to come, SyntaxDB plans to provide more plugins for code editors, and also, increase the size of the database and the number of supported programming languages. It currently supports nine programming languages, they are:
1.    Java
syntaxdb programming syntax search

2.    C

3.    C++

4.    C#

5.    Python

6.    Ruby

7.    JS (JavaScript)

8.    Swift

9.    Go.

syntaxdb programming syntax search further help documentation
Also, to make coding easier, SyntaxDB is integrated with DuckDuckGo, Slack, and Visual Studio Code and there’s also an available API  which lets you write your own integration.

To my coder friends, I wish you well and success in your endeavors, and remember, The most effective debugging tool is still careful thought, coupled with judiciously placed print statements, A Deleted code is not always a debugged code. Good luck

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