Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nigeria Plus Other African Nations Will Receive Personalized Medical Assistance Via ADA Digital Health App

It gladdens my heart when I see technology being used in positive ways that make positive impacts on the lives of people. You get a good feeling when you are browsing the internet and stumble upon an article that reads about how technology will be applied to cure diseases, save lives, promote health and healthy living. 
Ada Digital Health

Despite the fact that there are people who chose to use their knowledge of computer to commit several crimes, write scripts that give them unwanted access, etc. There are also many who wish to use to same knowledge of ICT and help others, make a positive impact, and sometimes, we shared an article about John Lewandoski that invented the RAM device, which can be used detect malaria beforehand. Not long ago, there was also an invention of a USB thumb drive which can be used to identify and test for HIV virus in the human body system. Now, we are about to enjoy and upgraded/updated personalized healthcare assistance in real time using our smartphones (iOS and Android) via a mobile app called Ada.
Ada Digital Health
Ada is a custom-built AI (Artificial Intelligence) search engine developed by a team of medical doctors and scientists that help you check your body and any symptoms or sign that you notice, anywhere, anytime. Ada determines all these by asking simple questions without any sort of complicated medical language/terms. Once the app is downloaded, you can set it up with multiple profiles so as to help manage your health and that of your health of their family members as well. All the health information for each user is stored in one place which are previous assessments, current and past medications, allergies, etc. and you can easily share any of the information Ada stores with your doctor or any other health professional for medical assistance.

The team behind the invention of this Ada app have made it their mission to make personalized healthcare information to be actually individually accessible for everyone at any period in time, especially in locations where access to healthcare is limited to a significant percentage of the global population, which leads to an enormous strain on health services and the professionals that work within them. The Ada app is now the top free medical app in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.
Ada Digital Health
Ada is not going to replace our doctors, nurses and other healthcare professional. Rather it will be a complimentary service whose sole objective is to mitigate the workload on general practitioners by collecting and collating healthcare data from various users (patients) so as to save time in consultations/therapy which is usually hurried due to time pressure.
Ada Digital Health

Below is a statement by Ada Digital Health co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr Claire Novorol:
“As both a doctor and a mother, I perfectly understand the pressures, worries, and concerns of both. For instance, Doctors have to diagnose their patients in minimal time with maximum efficiency; but mothers constantly worry about the health of their loved ones, be it their kids, or their parents or spouse. That’s exactly why we created Ada. Our technology gives reassurance to the whole family about their health, while also being useful for doctors by informing their decisions.”

The Ada app is now available in the App Store in over 90 countries and will be available in Android devices come the early next year 2017. iPhone users can download the app free of charge from Here. More information and details can be obtained

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