Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How To Use The Latest Airtel Free Browsing To Downloading Unlimited On PC

Good morning guys, how are you all doing? I trust we are all in full anticipation and counting down to the new year which is just less than 48 hours away from now. And I also believe that despite all the hardship and unpleasantness currently experienced by many cashless Nigerians, we still believe it's gonna be alright. So without long stories, I am gonna share with you how to use the latest Airtel-NG free browsing that is currently rocking flawlessly on mobile, with your PC. Just apply a little knowledge and follow the instructions listed below.  

Airtel Free browsing

  • Get an Airtel Sim, preferably the one without any data or airtime in it.

  • Insert the Airtel Sim into your Modem

  • Launch the Psiphone you downloaded earlier and then configure it using the following settings below

  • Go to Settings menu and locate the ‘Upstream proxy’ input the following configuration into the upstream proxy

Port: 8080

Airtel Free browsing

Change the 'Server Region’ from Fastest Country to ‘Singapore’ or leave it at Fastest country if it works for you like that. Then region server apply these changes and then connect your modem and your psiphon, wait for some seconds for it to connect and start browsing unlimitedly on your PC.

Airtel Free browsing
If you wish to use the connection with another software like IDM, Chrome or Firefox, just configure the IP address with and 8080 as the port.

Share any views and hindrances experienced when setting this up. Happy new year in advance.

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