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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Google Pixel VS iPhone Compared

Pixel is an Android-powered smartphone that was launched by Google couple of weeks ago. The phone comes in two variants, The Pixel, and the Pixel XL. Both of the variants has the same features but with a few differences in the inbuilt specs. They both slightly have the same look as iPhone, and there have been several tutorials on how to root the pixel and install a custom ROM, and today, we will be comparing and contrasting the iPhone and the New Google Pixel, particularly when the features and specs are concerned. 

Please note that this review was written in line with the author's experience from the usage of iPhone 6 and Google Pixel XL, so there are bound to be a difference from his reviews and the reviews of another author, reader or user. The following were comparing the two phones based on the following: Screen, Weight, Charging, Battery life and capacity, Feel and Grip, Fast, Speed, and Responsiveness

Google Pixel vs iPhone compared

1.    Screen and Display:
The picture of iPhone and Pixel as seen above was taken with the Google Pixel with the max brightness level on both phones. No doubts, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) of the iPhone is excellent, but, in my own view, I wouldn't say the same for the colours, they aren't so rich, like that of the Pixel. Take a closer observation at the display of the both device, and you shall spot the difference.

Google Pixel vs iPhone compared

The design of Google Pixel is more beautiful and utilitarian than it is beautiful, its AMOLED screen, outshines the retina display of the iPhone, and in terms or resolution, iPhone comes with a 1080p display, but the Pixel is enriched with a 1440p screen which is brighter, sharper and more beautiful.

The AMOLED screen of the Google Pixel's screen makes everything like Pictures, videos, and apps that are on its display to appear better than the ones shown on the iPhone's LCD screen.

2.    Weight in Hands:
I have used Gionee M5 which weighed nothing less than 200g, Oukitel K10000 which weighed above 180g and iPhone 6 Plus which weighed about 170g and weight hasn't been a problem for me until I met the Google Pixel which weighed less than 150g. Surprisingly, the Pixel's lighter weight did not change in any way, affect the performance or the overall user experience. It still delivered a perfect run.

3.    Charging Speed and Battery Capacity:
Fast charging technology is becoming the order other of the day in most Android smartphones. Almost every Android phone produced today come with a fast charge feature, with a USB Type-C port. Although it might take the Google Pixel up to two hours to charge from 0 - 100%. It still takes a smaller amount of time to reach a max charging when compared with the iPhone.

Google Pixel vs iPhone compared

As seen in the image above, this is a fast charging competition that was conducted by a Technology YouTube Channel,  SuperSaf TV. It was observed that the. It was noted that the Samsung Galaxy S7 charged up to 100% after 2hours, while Google Pixel charged nearly 100% and the iPhone was still at 72%. All the phones were charged with the default company charger that was included in the package, while the phone at the top was used as a timer during the exercise

Concerning the battery life, Google Pixel comes with a feature called Doze. Once this feature is enabled, It of reduces the Pixel's battery consumption power when not in use, and this makes my battery to last a little longer than my iPhone.

4.     Feel and Grip: 
iPhone comes with a metal back with nicely cut edges which are clean, smooth and beautiful. While the Google Pixel comes with an inlay that doesn't really look nice, but it actually gives an excellent grip in the hands of the holder/user

Google Pixel vs iPhone compared

5.    Fast, Speed and Responsiveness:
Both iPhone and Pixel comes with animations which gives extra feel while opening the phones menu, settings, app or app drawer. But I can choose to either allow or disable the animations of the Pixel in other for me to maximize the speed and responsiveness of Google Pixel phone.

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In general, I simply get along easily with Android more than I do with iPhone. Also, there are several features I do enjoy on Android that are not yet available on Apple's iOS. Features like notifications peek and management, the swiping down from the top of the screen to access some of my favourite and most important apps and settings. Also, I can easily rearrange or customize my apps in Android, either put them on the desktop, or to any folder location that I wish. Let me mention only but few, the Google Now voice-activated assistant has proved to be far more advanced than Siri. 

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