Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Google Pixel is Good, But Here Are 4 Reasons That Proves iPhone Is Better Than Pixel

There is currently this competition between the recently release Google Pixel and iPhone, especially iPhone 7. Today, we will be reviewing and sharing with you guys, why iPhone is better than Google Pixel in all its glory. Don't get me wrong, Google's Pixel and Pixel XL are both really a piece of excellent technology crafts, but honestly, iPhone ha its own perks which outshine Pixel. Those advantages could range from the software to the hardware components of the device, accessories, supports and services, etc. depending on the user's perspective. Still, I would boldly and open my arms wide and welcome Google Pixel anyway, anytime, but let's have a look to several reasons we say that iPhone is better than the pixel.

Google Pixel vs iPhone, Apple ecosystem

1.    The Apple Ecosystem:
If you are familiar and consistent with Apple ecosystem or if you are an avid iPhone and Mac user, you will agree with me that there is this  Mac - iPhone combination that actually offers some attractive features and good user experience. This little feature comes in handy most times, especially when transferring stuff between the two devices. Let's take for instance, the Apple AirDrop, which makes it incredibly easy to move files like pictures, videos, songs, etc, from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro, and vice versa.  

Another interesting feature is the iMessage, FaceTime, answering phone calls with your Mac is also really nice. However, it is imperative to note that FaceTime and iMessage only work with your contacts who own an iOS device. With this two features, you are sure of staying connected with your dear ones even without your traditional cellular data.

2.    iPhone Looks Nicer:
Google Pixel vs iPhone

If you are a lover and user of Android, you wouldn't be mistaken if you say that iPhone, especially the iPhone 7 design is years old (maybe because it basically have the same looks as iPhone 6), but it's still a beautiful device regarding looks and craftsmanship. 

When purchasing a new iPhone, there are more colour options for the buyer to choose from than there are for the Pixel. These colours range from silver, matte black, jet black, gold, rose gold, etc. But The Google Pixel only comes in black and silver colours, though there was an option for blue colour,  it was limited and it sold out just within days of becoming available. 

3.    Water Resistance:
Google Pixel vs iPhone, iPhone water resistance
Most times we get stuck in the rain or we accidentally get wet with water from one source or the other, and if you have your Android smartphone in your pocket, you'd be probably worried and wouldn't want it to get wet, especially if the warranty is voided.  But the case is different with iPhone, especially the iPhone 7 comes with a water resistance which can serve as a front-line defense against water damage than an enabler to take underwater photos. Neither The Google Pixel nor Pixel XL, is, unfortunately, water resistant, and this means they are more likely to suffer water-related damage than the iPhone 7.

4.    iPhone 7 Comes With A Dual Lens Camera
Google Pixel vs iPhone, iPhone dual lens
Sharp cameras and smooth feeling pictures spices up the feel of a smartphone, and trust me, the iPhone 7 Plus' second lens can really do a great job whenever taking a picture is concerned. It is used in unison with the primary lens to create blurry backgrounds while keeping a photo's subject in focus. The unusual feature or effect is referred to as "bokeh," and it can add a professional, dramatic touch to your photos anytime, anywhere.

The second lens of the iPhone 7 Plus' lets you zoom in/out without affecting the quality and sharpness of the image being taken. This is made possible because of the iPhone 7 Plus' second lens, adds an "optical" zoom rather than a traditional digital zoom that is found in most smartphones.

Optical zoom uses the lens itself to zoom in, and as well maintains the size of the pixels and delivers an amazing image without affecting its quality. Digital zoom, on the other hand, mainly zooms into the pixels, which results in blurriness because the pixels are enlarged.

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