Friday, December 2, 2016

Corps Members In Lagos & Abuja To Get Free Wi-Fi Internet Access.

If you're a youth corp member currently in camp or currently serving, or you were once a corp member that has passed through the NYSC program, You will agree with me that the life and experience in camps are always something else. The challenges and brief training which you'll have to face are both interesting and annoying. Then after your short stay at the camp, you'll also agree with me that the journey to the unknown land still continues when you'll be finally posted to a foreign land where you'll have to stay for one year and serve your fatherland. Provides Free Internet Access For Corps Members In Lagos & Abuja Camps
That been said been said, it is hard and almost impossible now to see a youth corp member that doesn't own either an iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone, or even three or two of the aforementioned devices. With that in mind, it is safe to say that the hardship and unfavourable conditions that these lads experience, is already enough and therefore, there is need for a program that serves as an incentive to these NYSC members, and that is why is offering this free Wi-Fi internet access but only for the period stay in camps between 24th November to 14th, 2016.

“We wanted to give young people who will be spending 3 weeks at the NYSC orientation camp an opportunity to experience free internet access of the’s internet service at high speeds. We’re proud to share that as at this time, over 500 corps members have accessed the service”. Chief Operating Officer of Tizeti Networks– which is the parent company of – Ifeanyi Okonkwo states.

The free Wi-Fi in Abuja and Lagos NYSC orientation camps is made available by Tizeti ( which is a broadband internet service using Wi-Fi.

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