Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Beware, There is A New Kind of Malware Attack, It's Called Popcorn!!!

The Internet is a great innovation, and for the past 2 decades it's been steadily available in most parts of the world, the internet has served many good(s) and purposes. Many commercial activities got a global recognition today because of the web, many people could afford at least a 2-square meal because of their merchants online. Some graduates today were once college students who were able to provide and pay some or most of their tuition fees with the many they made online. Some even took and several courses and graduated with a degree through e-learning, many crimes and terrorist attacks against humanity were stopped because internet played a vital role in giving the crime fighters regular and reliable access to information. All these and much more are several good(s) mankind has reaped because of the existence of the internet. However, everyone's intents of varies, some people use the internet to do their legal business, some use the internet, learn, conduct sales, communicate and connect to things/people that matter to them, etc. While some people's intents of using the internet are to steal, harm and inflict pains on other, by devising several dubious and nefarious ways to obtain money and information illegally, otherwise known as hacking.

Popcorn Time ransomware

In our several posts, we at techvillz have written extensively, warning and informing our readers to always be at alert, aware and security cautious regarding the unending threats of malware and ransomware everyone faces whenever they are online and also, stating several precaution and safety measures than when applied, will reduced the chances of being attacked of infected. This time, there is a new kind of ransomware threat called Popcorn Time ransomware. This is nothing but a series and lines of unfamiliar codes that instruct the computer to carry out a particular task once it comes in contact with that system.

What We Know About Popcorn Time
We are all aware that the most motives of creating a ransomware is to make money from it. By tricking unwitting internet users into downloading the codes in their devices, and then allowing the author of those codes to gain access to their personal files and details until they (the victim) agrees and complies with their terms (the hackers), which usually ends up with the victim paying a certain amount of money to the hacker in Bitcoins.

Popcorn Time ransomware

According to sources from Twitter, the new popcorn time ransomware originated from the war-torn parts of Syria, by a team of students. They also made it known that the ransomware is a way they raise money for food, clothes, medicine, shelter, assist themselves and others who are in the same conditions of war as them. Once a victim, you are expected to pay at least 1bitcoin to a particular BTC address or infect 2 other persons if you can't afford to pay at least 1BTC.

The Malware Hunter team has advised on this new unfortunate development from Syria and further disclosed that the the new Popcorn time ransomware is still at its infancy and development stage, but will soon be ready for deployment and won't be long from now before that happens.

This Malware will only free you if you infect two other people or pay a ransom money equivalent to 1Bitcoin

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