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Whatsapp For Windows And Android Now Feature A 2-Step Verification

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Several weeks ago, Whatsapp rolled out video call feature for its beta users and many users who signed up for the beta testing are really enjoying it the new video call feature now and a few days ago, instant messaging company added another new feature called 2-step verification to its instant messing platform, Whtasapp. This is one of the reasons I love WhatsApp, (constant updates, better improvements) and they understand the need for privacy and security.

The 2-step verification is available in Whatsapp beta version 2.16.341 and above, while windows users are alredy enjoying it with version 2.16.230 and above. So if you are a whatsapp beta user in any of the mobile  OS, upgrade your whatsapp to the latest version of the app to enable the 2-step verification. The 2-step verification was added in other to improve security of the app and its users. To enable the 2-step verification:

==>>    Update to the latest Whatsapp Beta, 
==>>    Go to Account Settings, you'll see a new Two-step verification option.

You will be asked to enter a six-digit passcode. This will be required anytime you  time you attempt opening your phone number with WhatsApp. After confirming the code, you’ll be asked to enter email address which can be used to reset the passcode in any event you forgot it. After the 2-step verification has been enabled, no one will be able to use WhatsApp with your phone number, without entering the passcode or email address (if added). It’s also possible to disable, change the passcode, or change the associated email address in settings anytime you wish.

whatsapp 2 step verification

In the same time, whatsapp also added Audio Backgroud Play, which is a feature that allows a user to play audio mssgs in background. In the previous versions of whatsapp, when playing and audio mssg, and leave/close the conversation screen, you'll notice that the audio you were listening will also stop. But in this new Whatsapp update, the audio mssgs will still be playing even after leaving/closing the wahtsapp conversation screen you switching to another app entirely.

Whatsapp 2-step verification screen for windows phones

Whatsapp also added a little something extra which is  “Storage Information” in settings, which shows the size of storage space acquired by WhatsApp messages and media.

To get this new version of Whatsapp and enable your own 2-step verification, visit GooglePlay Store for Android users, or Windows Store for windows users.

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