Monday, July 10, 2017

Update: Is Your Smartphone Battery Doesn't Last Any Longer? Apply These Tricks To Fix It

One of the problems faced by many smartphone users in the world today is fast draining battery life. Despite the advancements in technology, despite the numerous smartphones that are produced now, with heavy/marathon battery, most Android smartphone users in the world now still can't go a day without charging their phones like 2-4 times in a day. Know this today, if your smartphone can't survive at least 2 days tops (with heavy use),  then you definitely need a change, and I urge you to Change that Kpalasa for a new one today.

I am going to quickly share to you, several tips and which you can start applying today and then save a few more life out of your precious smartphone.
How to Maximize Battery life
1.    Do not allow your device to become hot. Do not refrigerate the phone to coll down the temperature as well.

2.    Avoid using your device to discharge fully: If you're using your phone and the battery gets low, put off and then continue when you recharge the battery. it is not advised to let your device battery get as low as 20 or 15 or 10%

3.    Don't leave your smartphone battery to be below 50% for a long time. Further explained, if in any case you intend to travel and leave your phone behind, it is not advised to leave the phone with the battery below 50%. If possible, separate the battery from the phone and keep them differently. (Same goes with laptops)

4.    Unplug your device from power source once it reaches 100% and displays a fully charged notification. Most users are fond of leaving their device to a charging outlet even when it;s battery full. Some will even be using their phones as well while it is charging. The implication in this is that it will cause your device to heat up, thereby causing the battery to discharge quickly once it is unplugged from the power source.

5.    Use automatic brightness settings and adaptive display, as this will automatically set your phone's brightness level according to the available light.

6.    Monitor your phone's battery usage pattern, find out running apps that are irrelevant and get rid f them.

7.    Turn off wireless connectives like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, GPS etc whenever you are not making use of them.

8.     Disable auto/continuous sync in settings.

9.    Do not use animated widgets and wallpapers, 

10.    Lastly, uninstall FaceBook app!!!! or use Facebook Lite if you must surf Facebook via their mobile app.

Apply these tips today and see a difference in the longevity of your smartphone's battery life. There are several other smartphone batteries extending tips, apply them and share your testimonies. Good evening.

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