Friday, March 17, 2017

Update: How To Permanently Disable Windows 10 Automatic Update

Disabling Automatic Downloads and Installation of Updates in Windows 10 PC(s) has been one of the/if not the only headache(s) of many Windows 10 users. Don't get me wrong though, giving supports and releasing updates is one of the qualities of a good developer, because after a developer must've developed and released an App or a Program Software, the users who purchase the App or software must face one or two hiccups or issues either in downloading the app/software, or in its usage.

This will in return lead to the creation of forums and threads where the author of the app or the software, reads and addresses several issues and challenges faced by users - This will also lead o releasing of updates, patches, fixes and so on. Once these updates are made available, the user is notified to download and install the new update as it promises to fix and address some or several issues that were experienced by users during using the app or software. Updates also add or remove new features to an app or software. However, a user is also given an option to turn off these updates if he or she is satisfied with the product (App or software) and do no wish to upgrade to a later version.

Should I say...unfortunately? The option for turning off these automatic updates is nowhere to be found in Windows 10, or even in the Anniversary Update. Every tutorial you could find online after many deep web search will actually show you how to disable the automatic updates, but you'd be surprised that update will be disabled only temporary, because, Microsoft has cooked up some pretty smart lines of code in the Windows 10 which makes me impossible to disable to auto-updates. But don't worry, I've got a new method which has proven to be a lasting solution to the auto-updates, just follow these steps,


Step 1.    Download this DWS Tool to your PC (It's in a portable version, so no need for installation).

Step 2.    Extract the downloaded file then open DWS, click on Destroy Windows 10 Spying and then wait for the magic to happen.

Step 3.    After the tool finishes its work, it'll prompt you to reboot your PC, but say NO, and then Navigate to Utilities Tab, which is the Third option and click in Disable Windows Update.

Step 4.    Now reboot your PC and enjoy Windows 10 without Auto-Updates.

Step 5.     To make sure that your settings stay that way, navigate to drive C or your PC, and then delete this file C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs. 

If you're unable to delete the file, read and understand the error message your PC is displaying, then go to its properties (svchost.exe) and make the proper and necessary changes and then try deleting again. reserves her rights and will Not Be Held Accountable for any unforeseen damages incurred to your PC while trying this little tutorial. You're solely doing this At Your Own Risk.

Lastly, I have written this tutorial for everyone, but mostly college students who get a Rationed Amount of Data Network and Wi-Fi Connection and would wish to save up a few data. Thanks and have a good evening/weekend.

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