Be Informed And Earn: Introducing Tor Phone, A Super-Secured Version Of Android Developed By Tor Project

Monday, November 28, 2016

Introducing Tor Phone, A Super-Secured Version Of Android Developed By Tor Project

I bet most people didn't know about Android smartphones a decade ago, or even know of Android as on OS, until Google decided to venture into it, making it open source, thereby allowing OEMs and manufacturers to massively produce Android-powered smartphones. And ever since, many individuals became proud owners of Android-powered phones. 

Then later, Google came up with the idea of Android One, which gives them power to basically be in control of your phone. Handling every over the air activities. Many people thought it was cool, while some were to just buy a smartphone and start using, without asking questions, especially where privacy is regarded (No pun Intended), this, in return, gave Android a milestone of popularity when compared to other platforms like iOS, because Android wasn't designed with "Privacy" in mind and Apple is considered the most secured.

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Android was created to make things easier for developers and manufacturers, which is excellent, but that gave space for other lacks and loopholes, especially concerning privacy and security, but in other to tackle this security The Tor Project, recently, announced the release of the prototype of a Tor-enabled Android phone.

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This new phone was designed by Tor developer, Mike Perry and is based on Copperhead OS, (An Android distribution that comes with multiple security enhancement). Mike Perry in his statement, explains that “Copperhead is also the only Android ROM that supports verified boot, which in return, prevents exploits from modifying the boot, system, recovery, and vendor device partitions,” 

The Tor Phone also uses a kind firewall for Android devices called OrWall,, which directs all traffic over the Tor network and blocks other connections. This firewall, (OrWall) enables the user to take a maximum control of his/her smartphone by choosing which app that needs to have its traffic encrypted by Tor.

OrWall Firewall

A detailed procedure by Perry, on how to install and get started can be found at The Tor Project Blog and only Google's Pixel and Nexus are the only supported devices at the moment. With time, it'll support more devices and more improvements will be added.

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