Monday, November 14, 2016

The Spontaneous Pop-up Display, A 24-inch Portable Display That Pops Open Like An Umbrella!!!

The Spontaneous Pop-up Display

Some fellows will say what is life without woman and drinks, and on normal days I'd say they're right, and I know some brothers my agree with them, but if you ask me, I'd say what's life without Good Technology and inventions? The trend at which technology is advancing these days is really amazing, a few years ago who who would've thought of running android apps with a television set, or smartphones with foldable dsplays but all of these are real and possible now because we live in a world where technological advancements is the order of the day.

The Spontaneous Pop-up Display

So what is  Spontaneous Pop-up Display, or SPUD for short? It is a portable display device (or Portable Mini Projector) that used in a anyplace, anytime. When not in use, it can be packaged down to a small size which fits in your pocket or small bag. The SPUD can be used by anyone and at anytime, and would be mostly useful at that moment when you'd want a bigger screen but you're tired to go outside with your laptop. You wish to go to a nice little corner at the park, or your favourite dinner, just yourself and enjoy a me time, see a movie or 2, play games, but you're definitely tired to carry your laptop along? SPUD comes in handy. With your phone, SPUD can give you a wider screen with less burden.

The Spontaneous Pop-up Display

Depending on the brightness level, the portable projector can 10 hours of run-time. The SPUD has a dialing knob which is used to adjust the brightness level. The best part is that when compared to regular projectors, you don’t need to be in a dark room/place for you to use the SPUD, because, the projector is placed inside the airbag that throws light from behind the screen and comes with built-in speakers, so you don’t need to put your ears close to the smartphone or have any need for headphones.

In a summary, The SPUD is a one-stop portable projector solution which can be really handy in outdoors. You can deliver presentations at any place because the projector can fit in your bag and you don’t need a separate screen to do that. It is currently on a Kickstarter campaign and is sold at $499. Below is a full video description of SPUD and What it does. 

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