Saturday, November 12, 2016

Revealed!!! Samsung Galaxy X With Foldable Display


Samsung, despite the huge amount of problems they faced with the Galaxy Note 7 explosions isn't taking a nap or break, talk more of backing down in phone making. It must have crossed the minds of some smartphone users that  the South Korean phone making company will take one or two steps backwards in phone making, well, after the serious of reported explosions of The Galaxy Note 7, they might be partially right. 

There has been several rumors and reports which indicates that Samsung is working on launching smartphones which supports a foldable dispalys, and today, those rumors came to step closer to becoming a reality, as there was a new image that surfaced in the net via Patent Filing, showing in details, the new Galaxy X smartphone with can be folded and fitted comfortable in a pocket.
Samsung Foldable PhoneSamsung Foldable PhoneSamsung Foldable Phone

The images about shows the Samsung Galaxy X in plain and straight form and in folded form. In the middle of the Galaxy X is some kind of hinge which allows the entire device to fold into half - (Though not a perfect fold of half).

It's no secret that foldable smartphones has been a desire of many OEMs, and the Galaxy X (if rumours later becomes reality), will the one of the first foldable smartphones. But I have a question to ask, questions like, who is such a phone targeted at?., who are they made for. Will they be made available for public purchase?  Is space such an issue that such a device, with its odd design, is actually needed?

Are you looking forward to foldable smartphones?

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