Tuesday, November 22, 2016

MAC-BTC Pays You 100% of Whatever You Invest In 15 days.

Good morning everyone, how are we today. This is another opportunity for the hustlers and go-getters. To all brothers and sisters who wish to and struggle smart and pray hard to succeed. Let me introduce to you Mac-BTC Online.

Mac-BTC Online is another online peer-to-peer forum where you can grow you can grow your money in Bitcoins. It's a lot like the trending MMM, where you PH(Provide Help) and then You GH(Get Helped) after some days. The difference between Mac and MMM is that MMM take a period of 30 days (more or less) to yield returns, but MAC BTC Online takes a period of days to yield profits. Also, Mac only accept payment in BTC, but in MMM, you can make a pledge (provide help) via physical cash.

MAC BTC registration, Is MAC BTC a Scam, How to earn with MAC BTC

Mac can be registered and accessed from almost all the countries, so you don't need a VPN to access the website, even if you're from the same place David in the bible was, when he wrote Psalm 23. You can register Yourself now and with a minimum of $10 -20 (in Bitcoins) and then receive a total of $20 - 40, depending on your deposit after 15 days. Why not click Here now to register yourself. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

Questions----What are my  benefits if I register?

Answer----I recommend MAC for many reasons:

1.    Your investments grows by 6.67% daily.

2.    No extra tasks. Once you register, you sitback and relax, then receive your profits after 15 days, starting from the day you deposited.

3.     You can provide help of as low as $10 (which must be in round figures) must not contain any decimal points.

4.    The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20 (without any point or fractions or decimal)

5.    Direct Referral commission of 10% This simply means that you will get 10% of any amount deposited by any whom you invited and registered using your referral link.

6.    It takes 24-hrs to process and execute PH (deposit) or GH (withdrawal) request.

7.    The website is DDOS and SSL-protected coupled with Swiss security.

I've explored Mac BTC and these are some of the feature I found out. What are you still waiting for? Join now by registering yourself or contacting me to assist you (FoC).

Remember, I do not guarantee the authenticity of MAC BTC, but I have made a pledge twice in the forum and withdrawn once. Many of us got scammed by the Coinr and Lara and all the likes of it. SO you are doing this at your own risk. 

But remember, life is full of risks, carrying your money your money in your pocket and be going around is a risk, because you do not know if/when you'll be attacked by hoodlums. Depositing your money in the bank is a risk as well, because you are not certain if the bank will fold the next day, or if your money will be there next time you come to withdraw. But in all, we must continue to strive, do not give up, get back up when you fell down, and if you need a little assistance to get back up, gently ask because its OK to ask, we all need help every now and then. Join me now by registering yourself. Say no to brokeness. Good morning everyone, and have a great day ahead.

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  1. mac-btc is a scam run run run

    1. LoL.. its scam.. trully.. but the first people that invested got paid... All the same... we now know they're scam


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