Be Informed And Earn: If You Are Not OK With The Dec. 1 Data Increase, Sign This Petition To Say No!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

If You Are Not OK With The Dec. 1 Data Increase, Sign This Petition To Say No!!!

For anyone who understands that internet is now a part of our daily life and activities, you will definitely agree with me that life would be boring if you are forced to live without internet. It is through about 5 - 10 decades ago, there was nothing like internet, and life was neither boring as well. 
Do you Like the new Price of data?

But life back then and now are not really the same, internet is now an essential part of our age today. Many people use the internet to connect to things that matter to them, conduct their business online, do seminars, conference, even apply for jobs as well as take studies and exams on the internet. Internet has brought about many good and bad as well through it's abuse, but that doesn't mean that it is also a bad thing and needs to shutdown. 

Coming down to our country Nigeria, the situation of things is really not interesting, especially over these past year or two. The steady increase and the price of goods and services kept on pacing on the rise, without no hope of ever coming down brought about increased rate of hunger and inability of some or most families to have at least 2 square meals in a day. The hike in dollar price, ultimately change Nigeria from the way we know it. Sometime ago, the scarcity of petrol nearly forced some telecommunications companies operating in Nigeria to reduce or limit their hours of operation. Even banks and some other business entities suffered the same fate. But after a while, the situation was resolved and petrol was made available, but at a higher price.

In all this predicaments and hard times, internet bundle data plan was one of the very few things in Nigeria that remanded stable. Some service providers like Glo NG, even upgraded their data plans, added more value to it while the prices remained unchanged, and later launched the cheapest 4G data subscription plans in Nigeria. Some other service providers like Airtel and Etislat either stopped to reduced the amount of data allocated to their  data plans, or even introduced a new package that adds more bonus to their numerous customers upon  a certain amount of airtime recharge.

Do you Like the new Price of data?

On Friday last week, it went viral that the price of data will be increased. as directed by the NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission). Which means that the size of internet data bundle allocated to a certain amount of price will decrease while the price will either remain the same, or increase. Many Nigerians were of course oblivious of this unfavourable and unwanted development, while some never believed at first. But as of yesterday and today, it is now clear to most, as they are now receiving text messages, emails and all kinds of notifications from their service providers, informing them of the development.

Do you Like the new Price of data?

I urge you now to Log on to this forum right now at Change dot org and sign your own petition, to show that you are not in support of the new prices in data plans which are to take effect as from 1st of December 2016.

Go on now!!, sign your own petition, your voice counts!!!!, don't say let others sign for you, your is highly needed, the price of services are way to put in your voice and say no. Don't keep quiet.
Do you Like the new Price of data?

I do not like and support the new price of data which will take effec from December 1. Are you in support of it? Do you like it?

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