Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How To Root Google Pixel & Install Twerp Recovery

Google Pixel and Pixel XL is the new Android phones that were released by Google several weeks ago. The phone comes in 2 variants, The Pixel and The Pixel XL, and both device runs on Google's very own Android OS. So if you are a lover of Android that owns any of the Pixels, I bet you must've tried a few known tricks to obtain root access in your Pixel but all to no avail, look no more because you're going to learn how you can Root your precious Pixel, fully obtain and maintain the root access, and then install Twerp recovery. 

Pls note that that rooting and installing TWRP in your google Pixel or Pixel XL will automatically void your manufacturers warranty, reserves her rights and would neither be held responsible nor accountable for any damages incurred during the act of attempting this trick.


If you wish to root and install TWERP recovery in your Pixel phone, please read and follow these instructions carefully.
1.    Do not use if you have critical data that you cannot lose.
2.    Backup your important files, contacts, notes and documents.
3.    Do not attempt this with a low battery juice left in your phone.
4.    Do not use this if you are waiting on an important phone call (eg Job appointment  call).
5.    Do not use with multiple users including a guest account.
6.    You must do this with a PC  with all the  properdrivers installed.
7.    Once the root is succesffuly flashed, there is no option (yet) for "unroot" or "suhide"
Read and follow these instructions meticulously, You have been warned!!!

How To Root Google Pixel & Install Twerp Recovery

==>>> Download Dees_Troy's TWRP recovery tool (which contains the TWRP.img and the files) based on your device, Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL

==>>>    Copy the downloaded files to your device to your device, you will need to have fastboot binaries  and lastly, be positive that all your drivers are properly installed.

===>>>    Power off your Pixel completely, then boot into Bootloader by holding the volume down and power button together.

==>>>    Connect the device to your PC, then Open a command window and run the following command from the proper location (remember that  Google Pixel has 2 slots, so flash any of your desired slots using the appropriate command below). 
fastboot flash boot_a /path/to/boot.img (for slot A)
fastboot flash boot_b /path/to/boot.img (for slot B)
Although TWRP detects whichever slot is currently active and uses that slot for backup/restore. 
==>>>    Still in the command window, type fastboot boot /path/to/twrp.img to install the recovery image file.

==>>>    Now reboot into TWRP recovery, navigate to the location where you saved the file and install it, then reboot your device afterwards.

You should have booth root access and custom recovery fully installed in your Pixel phone

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