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Update: Earn Times 5 Of Your First Investment and Times 25 Of Your Second With iCharity

Luck is the end product of Hard work, Consistency, Positivity and Patience. Some/Many individuals are in hardship because they are either ill-informed, or they are not informed. and if you are not informed, you get deformed.  There are currently several network scheme you could join. I myself personally, I personally have been very skeptic and uber-apathetic when it comes to any business that requires me to bring in 2 or 3 people before I can gain from it, and that is why I have not written about any such article here, (not even MMM). But recently, I learnt of a platform (iCharity) which is a member-to-member donation platform for members to help other members in a systematic way. By using iCharity, members can give and receive donations from each other. iCharity pays you five times your initial deposit even if you didn't refer anyone by yourself. All you  need to do is to register as a free member, upgrade your membership and then refer anyone, but if you can't get a referee, the system will automatically refer people to you.


When you register using a referral link,  you will automatically become a free member with a free account which expires in 72hrs plus an inactive referral link, Then you upgrade your account to grade 1 by paying the sum of 6k to your upline (Your referee). The beauty of iCharity is that you will have to deal one-on-one with the person. Its not like other platforms where you make the payment to the person, without knowing whom you are paying, and in some cases, people get scammed because of it.  So after the first payment of 6k, your upline, (the person you registered with his/her link) will approve you, Making you to automatically be on grade 1 (i.e you now have 5 slots & an active referral link). Your stage 1 is the only stage where you are required to stress much in getting referrals. But in any case where you were unable to get 5 persons, the system will merge you with 5 persons who you will refer and they'll register with your ref. link. 

To get started with iCharity and follow me enjoy the goodies that follows,

1.    Visit this link using your mobile phone or PC.


2.    Fill up the required information like  your Country, Full name, Username and please, provide a valid and active (Yahoo/Google) mail address during registration.

3.    You have to choose your desired username, but a four-digit passcode will be sent to the email address you provided together with a welcoming message from iCharity. Use the username you chose and the passcode to login into your iCharity account. (for security purposes, It is recommended that you change the passcode when you make your first login.


3.    Once you login to your iCharity dashboard, edit your profile, enter your valid  phone no, Choose  your default currency, and your preferred country, then save. Next, your valid Bank details. You can add up to 2 different bank details) and save then UPGRADE!!!!! 

4.    To upgrade your account and membership, call your upliner (the person who's link you registered with) arrange to meet him or her in person, so that you can pay him your 6k and then he or she will activate your account. Still in the  UPGRADE section, fill the transaction details form that is found under Donations, in your iCharity Dashboard. Then notify him or her that you have paid, then wait for approval. It is advised to always deal these first stages in person, to avoid mistakes and stories that touches the heart.

is iCharity real, How to earn with iCharity

5.    Once your 6k payment to your upliner is confirmed, he or she will activate your account and then you'll receive an e-mail notification alert notifying you that your payment has been confirmed and your account will be upgraded.   

is_icharity_real?, is_iCharity_a_scam?

6.    Congratulations, you have secure your position Financial Freedom, you can now login  you are now A Grade 1 member, having 5 slots and a working referral link! Instead of assuming that you've known all the facts and how to(s), always contact your referrer for questions and clarification. 

iCharity is the best option in many ways, they are: 

1.    The first person that uses your link to register pays you back your initial 6k start-up investment, and thereby making your investment zero investment with free 4 more slot to go.

2.    You get downlines (referrers) in several ways, even without sourcing or advertizing your referral link: 

a.    By Direct referral - People you source for that Register using your referral link.

b.    By Spillover  - When the person you are under (the upliner you paid 6k ) has exhausted his/her 5 slots or has upgraded to level two. When (new members that wishes to Register ) then still click on his/her (Upliner) link. Automatically the system redirect them to you as you are under him/her, so you benefit as a downliner. 

c.    Randomization - the system just send people that register on the site for the first time without a referral to pay 6k to you so you can approve them. though this can take a long time because they expect you to promote your own link

3.Your stress on how to get downlines ends in grade 1 as the system automatically gives u people to pay you from grade 2 upward..I.e system share you the 25 - grade 1 people to you in grade two so they pay you 12k for you to approve them 

4.    iCharity is a one time investment of 6k to get 30k in level one and 12k to get 300k in level 2 and so it keeps upgrading if you'll be patient.

5.    You can't lose your money, because, your initial 6k investment will be gained back immediately you register the first person. 

6.    Money is paid directly into your bank account, or by direct cash payment. Only when you see alert  or you receive direct payment that you approve people.

7.    No selling of anything (just Share, broadcast & promote your own referral link ). No buying of anything and No Intermediate System.

8.    The start up money is considerably reasonable unlike MMM, you don;t have to wait 30days before you get your returns and bonus.

9.   Its 100% Real.

10.  It is scam free.

Don't limit yourself with the fear of losing just 6k, which you can never loose when it comes to iCHARITY. Your start up money is 100% guaranteed and it returns instantly, as you only need one referral out of the 5, while you still have to use your link and Register.

Recession has brought us online opportunity. Don't let it pass you bye. Many are really making it in various online opportunity. BUT ICHARITY IS THE BEST IN MANY WAYS CONSIDERED.  

This is the real deal, I, Kosischukwu Gabriel Khey, popularly known as Khey, founder and owner of is a living proof of testimony. Follow me and enjoy this while it lasts. Visit to register and get started. Call or text 08177391413 for further explanation and clarification or use the comment box. Do have yourself a good afternoon/evening.

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  5. It's really true that icharity is real, Ave made my first stage which is 30k and am in my second level now


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