Be Informed And Earn: Atlas Recall, A Search Engine Remembers Everything Your Computer & Phone Has Ever Displayed

Monday, November 14, 2016

Atlas Recall, A Search Engine Remembers Everything Your Computer & Phone Has Ever Displayed

What is a Search Engine? It is a computer program that searches the Internet for information, especially by looking for documents containing a particular word or group of words. I wouldn't be surprised if some adults or even the Computer Science college students who still thinks that Google is the only search engine in the world. For the sake of knowledge, there are several types of the search engines on the web today. I'll quickly mention only but few, they include Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, AltaVista, AOL, Yandex, LookSmart, Fetch 'n' Retrieve, DuckDuckGo, HotBot, AllTheWeb, etc.

Atlas Recall is the very first search engine of it's kind. It virtually remembers your digital life and activities (whether mobile or PC)  by scanning your files, emails, browsing history, chats history, documents, etc. and then stores the information on its secure servers. As you perform a web search, this search engine, Atlas, shows a “photographic memory of your digital life.” your device and remembers them all. Regarding our daily digital life and activities, we meet people, say things to each other, engage in other activities, visit important sites, and perform deep web searches, and at the end, they tend to forget, and in some cases, we wouldn't wanna forget,

So to make remembering those different elements of your online life and activities easier, a Seattle-based tech company, Atlas Informatics has launched Atlas Recall, which is a search that will remember when we forget, and it is not like a regular Browser History. Basically, it will allow you to search for anything that has ever been displayed on your computer or mobile phone screen. You can consider it a personal assistant that keeps taking screenshots of everything you do on your PC or Phone, index them and stores them in Atlas Cloud servers.

At the moment, A Beta Version of Atlas Recall is Available for Macs running MacOS Sierra or OS X El Capitan and available in iPhone app too, but the indexing feature is currently unavailable in the iPhone app. Atlas Informatics is already working on a Windows 10 version of the desktop search engine and will be available soon?

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