Be Informed And Earn: 3000 Nigerians To Learn Animation Technology

Friday, November 4, 2016

3000 Nigerians To Learn Animation Technology

Animation technology is a nothing but a way of making still images, graphics and illustrations to move rapidly for a specific space of time. A person that makes Animation is called Animator. The art of animation has been in use for over a 100 centuries. Animations are being used almost in every are of life today such as in movies, adverts, arts and gallery TV studios, etc. Animation has a way of promoting an item and propelling it to a higher level - However, acquiring animation skills is not as easy as acquiring every other skills out there, thus resulting to low number of animators in our society today, but the good news is that a Montreal based Canadian company (Toon Boom) has offered to sponsor the training of 3,000 Nigerian film makers on animation technology, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture disclosed

Min. Lai Mohammed
Min. Lai Mohammed

The firm will provide the Nigerian trainees with tools and certifications that will enable them to compete with other animators in the global level. At the opening of the French, Japanese and Nigerian animated films festival, the minster of information and technology also disclosed that the exercise will be a "train the trainer certification programme" which was initially planned for 500 Nigerians, but will be starting off with 3000 in lieu.

Animated Horse

You will agree with me that Nollywood is one if the biggest and largest movie producing company in Africa and in the world, but lacks animators and good animations in her production especially in the case of children movies and I have no doubt that Nigeria isn't a potential large market for animations and children movies, all it needs is to be well developed and in a matter of time, it'll be be competing with the likes of Nickelodeon and Disney. 

Animated chicken

A programme like this will be organized in 2017 by "The Instutit Francais" and will include workshops with facilitators from Europe Animation School such as Les Gobelins in Paris. This is another opportunity for Nigerians who missed out on the "Ict 4 Change" that was organized in June.

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