Thursday, October 20, 2016

Your TV Can do The Same Things Your Android Does With Remix IO.

I am always fascinated by technology, in fact, it always makes me happy whenever I see someone or a group coming together to develop or invent a piece of technology that will positively change the world as we know it. In lieu of using your compute skills to author codes that scripts that will harm or inflict pain on fellow humans, use that gift of your to make a positive impact, be a part of something, contribute to the betterment and making the world a better place, and who knows, you could start making from a nickle to a quarter, sooner or later, you will turn a one man business into empire business just like Alibaba and Jide.  
Several months ago, JideTech, released Remix OS which is a desktop-orientated Android software which one can use to run android Apps directly from PC. When Remix was released many people thought that the Chinese tech company has no more item in package but today's events was just a proof to show that they truly a lot to offer to the world. Today, the company launched a KickStarter Campaign for their latest Remix IO. 

The Remix IO is some sort of PIC (A small hardware box which is used for programming) but is loaded with the Remix OS itself. This piece of technology can turn your TV to an Android smartphone once you Plug it into your TV. You can use it to do virtually anything you can on Android with your TV, like Playing of Games, watching of movies, sending texts and calls, etc. 

The Remix IO also comes with the desktop features of popular Remix OS which allows the user to plug in an external hardware like keyboard and mouse for performing of  tasks like browsing the web or writing emails, etc. The Remix IO is currently priced at $99 and is expected to to ship worldwide in March next year.
With Remix IO, you can truly agree that Big Screen is Always Better, Below is the intro video of the Remix IO 

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