Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You Can Now Buy or Sell Your Used Items On Facebook

Facebook doesn't wanna be left out in the current battle between technology and social media giants and Zuckaberg, together with his crew doesn't wanna be counted number two on the top list of technology titans in the world. He and his crew has successfully transformed the popular social  media platform, to not just be a place where people meet, chat and mingle with individual minds alike, but also into a place where individual can buy and sell items within and outside their community.

Surprisingly, up to 450 million folks all around the globe are already exchanging several goods and services on the social media platform, but Facebook just released a dedicated tab in it's app which does nothing but promoting peer-to-peer shopping. This simply means you now can easily sell your used items on Facebook from the comfort of your home or office.

The Facebook Marketplace is integrated with Facebook Messenger. This integration feature lets users dialogue or haggle on a particular item before reaching an agreed amount, and then arrange a meet-up, mode of payment and delivery. This also lets users to interact and know more about who your buyer or seller/merchant is before dealing with them. (Facebook’s profiles comes in handy in situations like this). The FacebookMarketplace lets you browse a relevantly-sorted feed of items to purchase from or to sell to people who live nearby. 
However, its is imperative to note that Facebook Marketplace is not suitable in terms of safety and financial security. Facebook MarketPlace neither have the same kinds of protections nor guarantees as eBay, or Alibaba, therefore, users/customers are advised to handle all sales  offline and by users themselves to avoid stories that touches the heart.

Facebook is really working hard in creating and invent its own versions of every popular activity on the web, to absorb their engagement and of course.

To Sell Items on Facebook Market Place.

1.       Take a photo of your item, or select an existing one from from your camera roll
2.       Enter a product name, it's description and of course the price
3.       Confirm your location and select a category
4.       Then Post and wait for potential buyers.

Below is the Facebook MarketPlace Launch Video

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