Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Whatsapp VS Google Allo: Which Messaging App is Better?

I am positive that there are on-going hypes and controversies between the makers and users of Whatsapp and Google Allo. It might come as a surprise to you but I know that some users are already questioning and arguing one another on the issue that Allo is better than WhatsApp, or that Whatsapp is better than Allo. So today, we're are review the both apps and then draw a verdict, and we'll start with Allo. 

Google Allo
==>>    Google Assistance: The artificial intelligence feature behind Google assistant is what WhatsApp has been missing. You will agree with me that Allo is quite fun to use when compared to Whatsapp because it provides options as well as straightforward answers. With Allo, all you have to do is ask a question and then get your answer(s) instantly. Besides the aforementioned features/works of Google Assistant, it also guides users through the features of the app.

==>>    Stickers:   Google Allo provides an array of stickers that should offer a realistic impact for the users. Moreover, it not available in the WhatsApp mobile app, Whatsapp only provides smileys.

==>>    Chat Types/options: WhatsApp only offer straight forward private or group chats, while Google Allo, besides offering cool stickers, also has chat options for everyone. Chat options available in Google Allo include Start Group Chat and Start Incognito Chat. 

==>>    User Interface: The user interface of Google Allo is quite unique and awesome. Particularly, its vibrant icons and color fonts that should be fun to use.

I wouldn't argue with whoever that says that Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app in the whole world. Just like Google Allo, WhatsApp, on the other hand, has some fantastic feature which is not found in Google Allo, and we'll be listening to those unique features, as well as their similarities.  

1.    File sharing options: The both chat apps comes with a feature that allows users to easily share multimedia files like videos, images, stickers, and voice messages. Whatsapp on the other hand, can be used to share documents and PDF file, but I have no idea if Allo currently supports sharing of documents files.

2.    Requires Phone Numbers to Activate: Both messengers (Google Allo and Whatsapp) requires that a user must input/use a mobile phone number to activate the app. 

The both leading chat app are fresh and amazing with both the features they share and the features that distinguish them from one another. It all depends on the needs and choice of the users. Many Android and iOS smartphone users have both Allo and Whatsapp installed in their device, meaning that they derive satisfaction from using the apps, else there wouldn't the need for downloading and installing both. Let us not ignore the enormous difference between Allo and WhatsApp, which is the is the ability to use Google Search in the middle of chatting. Moreover, Allo has another interesting feature, which can run even without creating a Google account. WhatsApp bots can also come in handy in place of Google Assistant. Feel free to add your own views and opinions.

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