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Whatsapp Features, Tips and Tricks That You Are Not Aware of

It is no doubt that Whatsapp has become the number 1 social media texting app for many smartphone users today all over the world, and from time to time, they release new updates of their app and add more features that will spice up the chatting experience for its numerous users. WhatsApp is convenient, fast, reliable,simple to use and has over the years, become one  integral part of our lives. Whatsapp has certainly, emerged as one of the most popular platforms for individuals to interact with each other. However, in order to make the experience more expedient for users, you should know that WhatsApp offers interesting tips and tricks of its features, which further makes communicating with friends and family a lot easier and enjoyable. In this post, I will listing out several Whatsapp tricks both old and new, and you can go right ahead and use them.

==>    Camera features: We'll be kicking off with the camera feature which allow you to write or draw on photos, videos. To us e the whatsapp camera features, simply capture a new photo or video pick an already  saved picture or video from your device and you will automatically see the new editing tools on your screen. You can simply draw, doodle and even add text as an overlay on your photos.

==>    Tagging or Mentioning a Friend or Contact in a Group: The new Whatsapp features also allow users to quickly refer to someone/contact who is the same group with them by simply typing the @ symbol then and selecting the person's name from the pop-up list. Once you mention, the person, a notification will be sent to that person alerting him/her that their name was mentioned. This is a nice way of grabbing someone's attention.

==>    Multiple forwarding: This feature allows you to forward a message or content to multiple chats or groups at once. Simply tap on what you want to forward and then select one or more contacts/groups you wish to send it to.

==>    Voicemail messaging: You called someone via whatsapp call and the call wasn't answered? Whatsapp Voicemail messaging will enable to place a voicemail message for the person. Just like voicemail, click on record voice message and leave a message.

==>    Siri Integration: The Siri Integration lets you send a WhatsApp message or place a call directly with your voice just by by saying a command, WhatsApp will open automatically and complete your ask. This feature is mostly found on Whatsapp iOS

Other Whatsapp Tips and Tricks:

If you missed my previous post on the New whatsapp features and how to use them, Here is little and quick rundown.

1.    Adding text effects like bold, italics, and strike-through: to add a bold effect on a text or geoup of texts, simply add Asterisk before and after the text or text. Eg  *hello* for bold. Other examples of texts effects include  _hello_  for italics and ~hello~ for strike-through.

2.    To Reply to a specific message: Press and hold on the particular mssg, then Select the ‘reply’ button, and then type and send your response.

3.     Find out who has read your message in a group chat: Simply tap and hold on the message, and then select the ‘Info’ option in order to get message details which include the precise time it was delivered and read. For iOS users, simply tap and drag the message to the left to view the details to a particular mssg.

4.    Broadcast List feature: Broadcast allows you send a mssg to all or selected contacts and groups at once. To use this feature, go to your in the Chats screen, tap on the menu button and then ‘New broadcast’ to choose your recipients from your contact list. This feature is definitely handy with the onset of festival seasons to send the same message to a list of contacts.

Besides these features, there are many more tricks and tips in WhatsApp and its features, but you may not be aware of. They will be treated in our next posts as time goes on, but in the meantime, you can also explore!!!. 

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