Be Informed And Earn: Specs, Features, Price & Release Date of Google's new Android Smartphones: Google Pixel & Pixel XL

Monday, October 10, 2016

Specs, Features, Price & Release Date of Google's new Android Smartphones: Google Pixel & Pixel XL

Google Pixel

Bye-Bye Nexus, welcome Pixel!! The search giant, over the past few years has been manufacturing it's own Android based smartphones under the name of Nexus but just decided to ditch the name Nexus and unviel the Pixel(s). Google revealed that two new phones (Pixel and Pixel XL) will offer an alternative to Apple's popular iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In the past, the company has used the Pixel name on its premium tablet and laptop products but now on Android phones.

The new Pixel is the first phone built by Google inside and out and just like Apples iPhones, Google controlled both the hardware and the software down to the finishing line.

Pre-ordering for the phone began on since October 4 in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Canada. The phone is expected to be shipped to customers and be available in shops starting from October 20

Pre-orders for the Pixel and Pixel XL can both be done either through Google's own Online store or via or the High Street Store Carphone Warehouse. or through the Network EE, With EE, the Pixel is free on a £50.99 a month, 24 months 4G plan, which comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 10GB of mobile data for a month for existing customers.

Design: The white Pixel has the same resemblance to the iPhone 6 with a the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner which is now popular with other Android handsets. 
Both the smaller Pixel and the larger Pixel (XL) will have a USB-Type C charging port and both will also have a 4GB RAM and a 12MP rear camera with 8MP front camera.

The Pixels will come in two variants, (32GB or 128GB) internal storage and free unlimited storage for photos and videos through its Google Photos app.

The both Pixels will have a  3.5mm headphone jack in place.
Google Pixel and Pixel XL views and colours

The Pixel and The Pixel XL will feature a similar design to the Nexus 6P and with a thinner bezel that means a near edge-to-edge display.

Getting the Pixels directly from the horses mouth or from Carphone Warehouse will give the buyer a phone with a SIM-free and unlocked as well. The 5-inch Pixel goes for £599 while the 5.5-inch Pixel XL goes for £719/These prices puts them in exactly the same kind of territory as the Apple’s iPhone models.

The Pixel XL has a 5.5-inch of 2560 by1440 AMOLED display with a quad-core Qualcomm processor, 4GB of RAM, USB Type-C port, and rear-facing fingerprint sensor. A 12MP rear camera and 8MP front-facing camera.

It will be electronically powered by a 3450mAh battery, 32GB of storage space which can be upgraded to 128GB if need be.
Google Pixel and Pixel XL covers

The regular Pixel has similar specs as the Pixel XL but it’s clearly, the lower-end of the two flagships. It has a 5-inch Full HD AMOLED display, 2.0GHz quad-core and X64-bit processor, 4GB RAM space, the same cameras as the XL and a smaller battery capacity 2770mAh. It will also come with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and a Type C USB 

You can also watch a spec video of the Pixel and Pixel XL below....

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