Be Informed And Earn: Luna Launcher: A Must Have App for Every Parent, Uncle, Aunt & Guardian

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Luna Launcher: A Must Have App for Every Parent, Uncle, Aunt & Guardian

One of the things I love about Android is that it is Open Source, meaning that it can be customized by developers and OEMs to suit their taste, unlike other mobile OS platforms like iOS and Blackberry. Beautifying Android can be by flashing a custom, but flashing a custom ROM can be tricky and confusion for some fellows, so it's simpler to just install a launcher. There are several launchers which an android user to use to add more effects and features to their phones and launchers like Fast Launcher, Smart Launcher, etc.

Luna launcher, on the other hand, is a launcher which is quite different from other launchers I've come across. It is specially made for dads, moms, aunts, uncles, pretty much every adult who has a kid at home or work that always snoop around with their phones when their attentions are away. Luna launcher comes with some pretty cool features which can very much come in handy in setting some limits and controls in your to which areas which that 5 years old at home can access. 

Not only used for setting parental and controls, but Luna launcher is also easy for kids to use and learn. It also has this feature called Click Job: This feature can be used can be used to perform a specified action without having to go on the phone to get it done, such actions may include Call mom, Video call granddad with Facebook Messenger, Call dad with Whatsapp, Skype a friend, etc. 

Another feature of Luna Launcher that interests me is the Inbuilt Tracker. The tracker can be used to monitor time spent on phone and apps, track time usage per day, set a time limit for each day. Interestingly, Luna launcher will Automatically Lockdown the device once the daily usage is reached, and can only be unlocked by an adult who made those rules.

Luna launcher also comes with a feature which enables a parent or Guardian to easily switch to parent mode or Adult mode. Other features of Luna launcher include A Built-in Youtube player, Built-in weather widget and Nice themes at your choice. 

This is a must have app for every adult out there who has a kid in his/her custody. Kids can learn how to use and operate these smartphones at ease and parents will also be aware of anything their minors do with phones in their absence. Parents and Guardians will agree with me that are using a smartphone to learn and play at younger ages now than ever before, and some of these kids very enthusiast and susceptible to developing an addiction to their smartphones and/or social media and that where Luna Launcher comes in. 

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