Thursday, October 13, 2016

How You Can Move Data From iOS to Android

So you acquired a new apple device, or maybe you have been using an iOS device but recently came in possession of an Android device and you've been looking for a way to transfer your precious files like pictures, music, video, emails. etc from one device to the other. Well look no more because you've to the right spot.

We'll start with iPhone users that needs to move files from iOS to Android 

From your iOS device, Go to Settings ===>>    Calendar    ===>>    Default account,
If your default account is a google account., then all you need to do is sign into your Android device using your Google details.

If you are using iCloud for contacts, then transfer your files as vCards because it is only through vCards that your contacts can be shared. You can share each contact individually by going to each contact and choose Share Contact. You can as well can email the vCard to your Gmail account, and then open it when you set up your Android phone, then it'll prompt you to add vCard to contacts/phone.

For users that have lots of contacts, I recommend  Apple's iCloud on a Mac and download your contacts.

 ===>>    Open     
 ===>>    Open Address Book.   
 ===>>    Click the Gear icon and choose Select All.
===>>     Click the Gear icon and choose Export vCard.        
===>>     The .vcf Vcard file will be download to your PC.        
===>>     Now open Gmail and select Contacts        
===>>    More    > Import and select the file you downloaded.

To Transfer Media Files From iOS to Android
===>>    Go to AppleStore and Download Google Photos to your iPhone.
===>>    Open the App and Sign in with your Google Account details.
===>>    Choose Backup & Sync. (It's best to leave 'Use mobile data to back up' set as Off unless you have unlimited data.) and choose Continue.

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